Leg Weight Training

by Rob

How do squats help make your biceps bigger? I've heard lots of people say that doing squats - or any leg weight training - helps build your arm muscles.

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Heavy Leg Weight Training Gives You Bigger Arms
by: Lee

You are right. Heavy leg weight training gives you bigger arms. How is that possible? The legs contain the largest muscles in the human body, and perhaps most importantly, they provide the biggest anabolic stimulus to the entire human body.

Some science for you: did you know your entire body has to be in an anabolic state in order for your arms - or any other muscle group - to grow?

Contrary to popular belief, muscle growth is systemic and not local to individual muscles. This means when the legs muscles are forced to operate maximally, the systemic anabolic effect spills into every muscle group - including your biceps. Since muscle-growth hormones like testosterone are concentrated in the blood, their production and release therefore impacts the entire body.

What does this mean to you?

It means heavy leg weight training helps you grow your arms, and chest, or any other part of your physique.

Squats, Deadlifts and Leg Presses
by: Pete

Squats/deads/leg presses, ... or any other major compound movements, places the most stress on the body and therefore stimulates the greatest hormonal response.

Assuming you are training other parts of the body, including your biceps, they will benefit from these compound exercises despite not being directly stressed by them.

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