Measure Body Fat... How to Measure Body Fat in Your Bathroom Mirror

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Knowing how to measure body fat is an important step on your road to muscle building success.

And what about your health?

An ideal body fat percentage is vital.

Measuring Body Fat - mirror, mirror, on the wall

But don't you need expensive calipers or high-tech bathroom scales to measure body fat?

Nope. You don't.

While high-tech scales are a convenient way to calculate your body fat percentage, there is a faster (and cheaper) way to measure your numbers...

How fast?

I'm going to show you how to measure your body fat in the time it takes to brush your teeth, and by using your bathroom mirror!

Healthy Body Fat Percentages - the ideal numbers game

But wait! Knowing your body fat percentage is only part of the numbers game. To make sense of your body fat calculation and to accurately track your diet and muscle building results, you must first know what the numbers mean.

Briefly, an ideal or healthy body fat percentage for an average guy is 15% and for an average girl, 22%. However, these numbers don't tell the whole story...


It just so happens that average ISN'T healthy :-(

In fact, your typical average girl and guy carry body fat percentages that are significantly ABOVE these ideal figures.

What does this mean to you?

It means the average girl and guy are carrying more fat than they need or is healthy...

In simple terms, they are putting their well-being at risk.

THIS is your Number 1 reason for measuring body fat.

How to Measure Body Fat - the mirror method

To assess your current percent body fat, remove your shirt and stand before your bathroom mirror.

    1. For the guys out there, do you have any love handles? If you don't, then you are probably at or near your ideal body fat percentage of 15%. For the girls, if you have no cellulite, you are probably at your ideal of 22% body fat.

    2. Now raise your arms - can you see your ribcage? If you can, there is a very good chance your body fat numbers are headed towards the trained range of 13% for guys and 20% for girls. For more fat loss tips, see Boost Metabolism

    3. Next lower your arms and examine your stomach. Can you SEE your abdominal muscles? If you can, your body fat numbers will commonly fall into the lean range of 10% for guys and 17% for girls. (A trained adult male, will commonly have a figure somewhere between 10-12% and 17-19% for a female.)

    4. Can the numbers go lower? Yes, they can. Elite athletes often carry body fat percentages as low as 3-7%! However, it is possible to have a body fat percentage that is TOO LOW. Please don't put your health at risk by chasing unrealistic and possibly harmful body fat numbers. Your health and your fitness are paramount, and must ALWAYS come first :-)

In Summary

Knowing how to measure body fat is an important step in your muscle building and fitness success. But perhaps more importantly, an ideal body fat percentage is an excellent indicator of your health.

However, while these numbers ARE important, they should never come before your well-being.

Remember THIS as you enjoy your journey to a fitter and stronger you, and your health - along with your waistline - will thank you for it :-)

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