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Want to say hello to a slim waistline?

Want to say GOODBYE to fatigue?

Then boost metabolism by following these proven techniques!

Metabolism Myths

Before we can boost our metabolism we need to understand what is causing a slow metabolism. However, before we do, let's first consider some metabolism myths!

    Myth 1: The latest miracle food will boost metabolism! Er... nope. It has been scientifically proven that no single food will speed up metabolism. For sure, there are certain foods (and food groups) which SLOW metabolism, but if there was a miracle food capable of boosting metabolism, we would ALL be purchasing it from our supermarket counters :-(

    Myth 2: Aerobic exercise will boost metabolism! Er... no... and yes. Exercise WILL boost metabolism, but NOT aerobic exercise as we commonly understand it. Indeed, hours spent on a treadmill can cause more harm than good as we will later discover. Instead, a 'different' type of exercise must be employed if we are to boost metabolism, but sadly, aerobic exercise isn't it :-(

    Myth 3: Metabolism is fixed! No. Definitely NOT! Your metabolism can be changed by following certain PROVEN techniques and principles. Indeed, raising metabolism is easier than you think! It just needs some know-how and the will to succeed. In the same way you can build muscle or lose fat, your metabolism can be turned to your advantage - your metabolism can work for you!

So how do we get a slow metabolism to work for you?

Excellent question. However, before we can put our metabolism to work for us, we must first meet our number one hurdle...

Like death and taxes, this hurdle is unavoidable, it affects us all, and there is NO getting away from it.

This hurdle is... age.

Boosting Metabolism - growing older but never getting old

Age slows you down. This is the number one reason most athletes and sports stars rarely compete at the highest level beyond the age of thirty.

For sure, improvements in training and diet help to prolong careers, but in most cases, physical maturity peaks in the mid-twenties then begins to tail off.

So what does this mean for the ordinary joe?

It means we're all in the same boat!

It means age - there is no denying it - will creep up on us all when we least expect it... wealth or title provides no barrier... we are ALL going to get older.

However, older and old, aren't quite the same thing...

For example: compare a 50-year-old triathlete to a 30-year-old couch potato. While the triathlete is energized and strong, the couch potato is fatigued and flabby (two VERY different propositions). Furthermore, the mature athlete will be in command of a high metabolism while the couch potato will be at the mercy of a slow metabolism!

    Important fact: you can REVERSE a slow metabolism!

So you can see, a high metabolism isn't necessarily the preserve of the young.

A slow metabolism can be 'boosted' which leads to some remarkable, life-altering benefits!

Let's check some of them out...

Boosted Metabolism Benefits

  • More ENERGY
  • Healthy APPETITE
  • Clearer SKIN
  • Improved FITNESS
  • Look YOUNGER

Sounds good, huh?


So are you ready to increase your metabolism?

Let's get started...

Raising Metabolism - boost metabolism secrets

Below are proven techniques for boosting your metabolism. While some of these techniques may appear unfamiliar to you, they ALL work, thus helping you to your goal!

Metabolism Boosting Tips

    1. Get Plenty of Fresh Air! Huh? Really! And if at all possible, do your exercise in the fresh air!

    It's a proven fact that oxygen fuels the fat burning process. By exercising out of doors - or getting plenty of fresh air - you put your metabolism onto the fat burning fast track! (Eugene Sandow listed this as a key element in his muscle building and strength training program; furthermore, Paul Anderson - one of the strongest men to ever walk the planet - routinely did his weight lifting outdoors!)

    2. Begin Muscle Building Today! How so? A key ingredient towards a raised metabolism is a favorable body fat percentage.

    In simple terms, the more muscle you carry, the more energy you burn! (For more, see Body Fat Percentage and How To Lose Belly Fat) Aerobic exercise builds little in the way of muscle, and it's MUSCLE that you WANT! Muscle burns calories 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and CONTINUES to burn calories when you are asleep! Hours spent on a treadmill equals aching joints and creaking knees, so avoid them and concentrate instead on getting STRONG!

    3. To Improve Digestion, Try a Food Combining Diet! Hey, isn't that a fad diet?! No, not at all.

    A food combining diet is simply a way of aiding the digestion to assimilate foods better. Furthermore, food combining can be employed periodically while retaining ALL of the benefits (no yo-you dieting). I can personally vouch for the diet's efficacy, as it promotes healthy eating in a user-friendly way... indeed, for a healthy way of eating, food combining is difficult to beat! (For more, see Food Combining Diet - Muscle Building The Hay Way)

    4. Make the Squat Exercise and Deadlift The Core of Your Workout! Why THESE exercises in particular? Because working the major muscle groups triggers muscle growth, and triggered muscle growth equals bigger muscles!

    Furthermore, these exercises work the heart and lungs - the metabolism furnace! (For more, see Squat Exercise - The 'Master' Builder and 20 Rep Deadlift) Try to build muscle WITHOUT them, and you are doomed to failure. However, put these exercises at the TOP of your metabolism boosting list, and be prepared for some serious changes!

In Summary

A slow metabolism can be boosted. Just as your biological age isn't written in stone, your metabolism, along with your fitness, can be improved.

Start today by putting these boost metabolism tips into action. Do your muscle building outdoors; make the squat and deadlift the core of your workout; eat healthy by food combining when you can - these techniques will ALL help towards a boosted metabolism!

They will ALSO help you towards a slimmer waistline ;-)

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