Muscle Building Motivation Photos

by Markus

How can muscle building motivation photos help keep you on track? My sister is slimming down for an upcoming beach holiday and keeps motivation photos on her refrigerator door. Any tips for us guys? ;-)

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Snapshots to Success
by: Lee

Your sister isn't alone in using this motivation technique, as it is an effective way to keep you focussed on your goal - which, in your sister's case, means feeling confident on the beach when she takes her holiday.

But what about tips for the guys?

Research shows people assimilate information more readily as pictures, which is why your sister's photo strategy works equally well for the trainee wanting to build muscle.

So what motivation photos should you choose?

Muscle building motivation photos can be anything from snapshots of your favorite athlete or movie star, to someone whose physique you admire. Place your motivation photos somewhere they can be clearly seen - your refrigerator is an excellent example - and this positive image will help inspire you.

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