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earching for muscle building tips?

Let your Strength Training Success Team be your guide.

Muscle Building Advice - Your Success Team

"I would prefer one percent of the efforts of a hundred men than a hundred percent of my own." Those wise words come from the American industrialist and billionaire J. Paul Getty...and now, an enlightened Ethiopian proverb: "When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion."

So why the quotations?

As the success coach Michael Neill says: "Every worthwhile accomplishment is the result of a team effort."

What does this mean to you?

Simply, you don't have to achieve your goals on your own, or need to carry all your aspirations on your own back - in effect, success is a team effort.


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Success is a Team Effort - Living the Dream

For many this discovery comes as a revelation and a relief: "Are you saying it's OK to ask for help?" Yes, we are. But more than that, we are saying your success in any endeavor relies on assembling a team for support and direction.

This is just as true in the realm of physical health and fitness.

Here is why we are busy gathering interviews offering muscle building guidance and advice in addition to the information found on this site.

By recounting the collective wisdom from respected fitness professionals (your Strength Training Success Team), we aim to show how the united efforts of others helps achieve your fitness dreams.

The Interviews

    1. What do Arnold, dumbbells and a desert island have in common? For your answer, visit Personal Trainer Jason Squires

    2. Want to be fighting fit with a champion physique? See how with coach and trainer Ross Enamait

    3. Looking to build Superman strength in the time it takes you to tie your laces? Discover The World's Fastest Workout with Pete Sisco

    4. Lost in the muscle building maze? For your beginners guide to muscle building, see Steven Tyrie

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