Muscle Memory

by Ben and Bob Deko

Muscles may not have intelligence, but they do display the attributes of "Memory". Sayings like, "it's just like riding a bicycle", come to mind.

Certainly it's true that the brain remembers the engineering principles of a "Bike Ride", but it is the muscles that perform them and do so just as if it was yesterday.

When we "TRAIN" anything, we do so in a manner that "Repeats the same Message". If you want the dog to Roll Over, then you do Not change the command each time you ask him. And so we can see that "Consistency" allows the Subject to "Learn" what is being asked of it.

Adapting and Responding:
After eight weeks of consistent training, a muscle will have pretty well gone in the direction you were visualizing...or not.
Depending on you, your DNA, Diet, Quality of Rest, this may need 12 weeks to make an assessment or as little as 6. But this length of time committed to a Specific Training regimen, is Fair and anything less isn't.

Most of the "Muscle Confusion" I have seen, is the culmination of Poor technique coupled with, bad advice and a pinch of Vanity.
99% of your training Results are a by-product of your Focus and committed determination. Do not sacrifice these things to the Gods of Over Exertion, always live to fight another day, let your training time be "Your Time, not the other guy's. There are No Secrets, just wisdom.

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Muscles Remember
by: Lee

Does muscle memory exist? An impressive study from Norway found that muscles do remember.

The study, using lab mice, was reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, and found that memory is stored as DNA-containing nuclei which multiply when a muscle is exercised. Contrary to popular belief, these nuclei are not lost when muscles atrophy. Instead, the number of nuclei in the cells remain the same.

What does this mean?

In simple terms, it means since these nuclei don't die, they could be poised to make muscle proteins again, thereby providing a kind of muscle memory.

Might this explain why muscles are quick to respond to further training? Bengt Saltin, a muscle physiologist at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, states: "That's fascinating thinking, and there's nice proof in this article to support it."

Well, You must be Big Boned!
by: Anonymous

I have had a number of Gym People comment on the thickness of my Wrists.
Most surmise that I was born that way.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
I was your garden variety, scrawny little kid who was always subject to ridicule and bullying.
Today I am 5' 9" 255lbs.
I attribute the change in my skeletal configuration and the muscles that resulted from it, to the Basic Heavy Lifts.
The human skeleton is only 12% of your body weight.
It Pruduces 99% of all red blood cells and 1% of all white.
Improving your skeletal Bone Mass, automatically improves your blood, strengthens your immune system (white Cells).
These are Definitely Two Fundamental aspects of your health that you will want the full Impact and benefit from. Think about it...

Bone Structure
by: Lee

You are right. Bone structure alone doesn't determine bodybuilding potential. For sure, it's an important indicator for size and strength, but as your story illustrates, some very big and powerful bodies have been built from humble origins.

One such inspirational tale, is the story of Roger Eells. Plucked from his deathbed in 1932, the 109 pounds Eells would transform himself into one of the world's best built men.

How did he do it?

Eells would use deep breathing squats and as much wholesome food as he was able to eat. In just 12 months, Eells would gain over 40 pounds of muscle, and rocket his squat from a feeble 15 pounds to 850 pounds!

You can read his remarkable story here: Benefits of Squats

Big Boned and Skeletal Muscles
by: Anonymous

The fascination in western society, in regards to Physical Beauty or even magnificance, has largely focused our attention to the muscles within the human body.
In medicine, these are referred to as "Skeletal Muscles". The functions of which, continue to astound me.
I decided a long time ago to dig a little deeper and discovered Why, the "Basic Heavy Lifts" crreate the foundations for "Super Muscle Mass".
I discovered that Placing the Entire Skeletal System under Extreme pressure (heavy Squat, dead lift, standing military shoulder press) causes it to Flex or Bend under the weight, in truth, a healthy skeleton is quite flexible.
But as it Flexes under pressure, "Hair LIne" cracks are caused throughout the bones involved.
These Cracks heal quickly, and as they do they strengthen the bone matter, as this is a Natural design to protect and Adapt.

Bone Mass Protects and Adapts
by: Anonymous Bob and Ben

Now don't Panic, these tiny Hair Line Fractures
That take place when Bones are placed under pressure and for the most part Microscopic.
And if you know a little bit about bones that have been "Broken" and have healed properly, you will know that they heal up "Stronger" than they were before and will Never break at that point of healing again! Oh my....
And so Like a "Domino Effect" if our bones are Better, our connective tissue will be better, the Muscles attached will be better, your Blood will be More capable to provide Oxygen, nutrients etc and White cell immune system capacity.
If you are taking notes then note this, you will have never read this information in any muscle Publications.

Bone Dynamics
by: Anonymous persons

I'd like to read more from Bob and Ben. It is true that I have never heard or even considered these "Bone Thing" dynamics.
I have since begun a more focused "Primary Lift" program and seen a noticeable difference in Strength, Stamina and recovery.
Its always refreshing to hear from those who truly understand and obviously care...

How to Train Your Bones and Muscles
by: Lee

Are you looking to train your bones and muscles, along with the tendons and ligaments? Then try using partial movements in your routine.

Why is partial training so effective?

This style of exercising will literally pulverize any plateaus you may have had and skyrocket strength gains.

For some quick and easy partial training tips, see Mass Building Workout Routines

Hope this helps. Good luck!

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