Muscle Overload

by Lee

Are you under the impression that the only way to make a muscle bigger is to increase the amount of weight you use? As seductive as that might sound, this perception isn't entirely true. While overload is an absolute necessity to build muscle, the overload can occur in more ways than simply adding more iron.

In short, progressively adding weight can provide muscle overload, but it is not the only way.

What about adding more volume? Yes. That is one answer. But there is another practice which is often overlooked and it fits right alongside abbreviated training.

You can perform more work in less time.

More Work in Less Time

Trainer to the Stars and Iron Guru Vince Gironda made this approach the backbone of his workouts and would insist: "To acquire larger muscles you must increase the intensity of work within a given time. This means minimum rest between sets. Push yourself. I feel workouts should be timed and you should constantly strive to shorten the time it takes you to get through your routine. This is another form of progressive resistance and is more important than raising your weights."

So when you are next tempted to add more iron, why not reach for your stopwatch instead? Reduce your rest times between exercises and sets, and overload your muscles that way.

The benefits? More work in less time.

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