How to Prevent Diabetes with Exercise

Are you a toxic time bomb?

Discover how to prevent diabetes with exercise.

Your Deadly Killer

There is a deadly killer stalking the streets of America. Capable of causing kidney failure, lower limb amputation and blindness - this toxic time bomb strikes fear into even the bravest hearts.

And do you know the really terrifying part? Chances are you and your children will fall prey to its murderous clutches.

Does this assassin have a name?

It has, and it is called diabetes.

Diabetes Dangers

Diabetes is such a common ailment in the US these days that it is too easy to forget how serious - and extremely dangerous - the disease actually is. Yet consider how people with diabetes often go blind, lose their feet and fall victim to kidney failure, and suddenly the diabetes dangers become exceedingly real.

But this only tells us part of the story. What we don't see, is the perilous path we are walking, and how this epidemic is growing at an alarming rate.

How large are the numbers? If diabetes is left unchecked, estimates show one in three children will develop the disease by 2050. That means 33% of our kids will be carrying a time bomb leading to tragic consequences.

How Exercise Prevents Diabetes

So what can we do to prevent diabetes? Many suggest the National Institutes of Health and Centers for Disease Control need to improve and protect public health. Yet how realistic are such demands, when the lawmakers are eager to slash federal budgets?

No. The answer is more simple than that. What we need, is to fight the epidemic head-on and take direct action to avenge this attacker.

We need to use the power of exercise.

But how does exercise prevent diabetes? Here is where a special type of exercise helps you. What is it? High intensity interval training.

High Intensity Interval Training

Recent research shows it is possible to reverse diabetes risks exercising for three short minutes per week. Moreover, in just four weeks, the dangers of developing the disease can be slashed by an impressive 30%.

Scientists at Nottingham and Birmingham universities in the UK propose high intensity interval training not only burns more fat than longer workouts, but can increase the effectiveness of insulin, thereby reducing the risk of diabetes. What does this mean to you? It means exercise alone may improve blood glucose levels.

Professor James Timmons argues a regimen of vigorous physical exercise is key in the battle against diabetes, and is skeptical that government guidelines recommending 150 minutes moderate activity a week actually works.

This is fantastic if you want to enjoy the health benefits of exercise in a fraction of the time when compared to traditional training programs.

In Summary

Are you a toxic time bomb?

Some simple-to-follow strategies show how to prevent diabetes with exercise.

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