Protein Intake

If it is true, that to maintain our present muscle mass, we must consume, "One Gram of Protein" per body weight pound, then it would then become necessary to consume More Protein to increase Muscle tissue mass.

Some science has shown us that "2 Grams of Protein per pound of body weight" are necessary for mass increases. But both are true, keeping in mind that each of us respond differently. Summarily "increasing" protein intake does not always render significant results.

The Human Body's ability to, "Process" increased amounts of Protein, is not likened to a "Mathematical Equation". For example, in the science of Math: 1+1=2. Likewise E=mc2. We see that there is an Equal Reaction to an Action. So one could expect to "Double" one's muscle tissue content, if one Doubled their Protein intake.

The Human Body simply does not respond in this manner. Too much Protein can interfere with the Liver functions, as well as other areas of the renal system. Water retention is the most common side affect.

We know that the human body can Only produce a maximum of 5lbs of Lean muscle tissue a year. So....those of you who have gained more are probably just retaining fluids.

The "Blurry Muscle" concern, most of you have, when you thought you had gained 20lbs of muscle in eight weeks??...ends you up in a panic. Driving you to diuretics, which immediately Flush your entire system of its Vitamin and Mineral content. The rest of it, being, strength loss, and fatigue which always leads to injury (whether spontaneous or Long Term)

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Too Much Protein

You make a great point. Consuming too much protein beyond need is not only a waste of time and money, but can be potentially harmful.

Since the human body can only process so much protein safely and efficiently, it is often best to err on the side of caution.

To much of a Good Thing...(Protein)
by: musclebyjohn

Having lived in and among and subsequently studied various Diet regimines accross the globe.
I have discovered that we here in western society are Extremists when it comes to Animal byproducts as a source of Dietary Protein.
My entire geneoly were "Meat and Potato" consumers.
But as I have learned, red meat cunsumption or any meat consumption for that matter is infrequent at best, in most other societies.
And when comparisons are done in terms of "Quality and Longitivity of Life" it appears that those who eat LESS meat, live a longer and healthier life.

Diuretics to Lose Weight
by: musclebyjohn

We know that this is true...
And in the same way, What goes into our Bodies, must come out...
Lately we hear a lot about "Cleansings" and Colonics.
The reason for this new and increasing interest in the innermost mechanisms of our bodies is the benefits to our health.
But in many cases, these "Procedures" are being abused.
Using "Diuretics" to lose weight can cause irreparable damage to the Liver and Kidneys.
The best foods are all there for us to choose from.
Eating smaller meals, more frequently, helps digestive processes, gleen nutrition and "Move things Along"...

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