Protein Supplements Side Effects

by Rob

What are the most common protein supplements side effects? I sometimes get bloated in my stomach when using a protein drink, and want to know if my protein supplement is causing me harm.

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Whey Protein Dangers
by: Lee

There are many positive reasons why you should take a protein supplement.

Consider some of these protein supplement benefits:

Faster muscle growth
Greater recovery
Increased resistance to illness
Improved diet.

Yet despite these benefits, there are still protein supplements side effects you should be wary of...

1. Dangerous Dairy. Although most people are fine consuming dairy products, some are lactose intolerant. With whey protein dangers like bloating, sickness, and diarrhea; the lactose intolerant amongst you should select a protein isolate.

Since this type of whey protein supplement commonly has 1% lactose, it is more readily digested meaning a reduced chance of protein supplements side effects.

2. Killer Kidneys. Many health experts believe too much protein can be damaging to the kidneys, leading to overly acidic blood. Why is this so potentially harmful? When the blood becomes overly acidic, the body releases calcium to counteract the acidity causing kidney stones.

To counteract this, be sure to never exceed your daily protein requirements. For example: if you weigh 180 lbs, try to limit your total protein consumption for the day to this amount and no higher.

Follow this protein supplements rule, and you will protect your kidneys along with your health.

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