Pull Up Exercise - Your Man of Steel Pull Up Workout

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re you a skinny Clark Kent who wants to build their arms and upper body?

Let the pull up exercise transform you into a Man of Steel!

Perfect Pull Up

The pull up is a great exercise. Capable of building your arms, shoulders and back, this core movement guarantees a Superman upper body.

But what if you are a small-framed, skinny beginner who wants to build your arms as you lose your belly?

This was the dilemma faced by one of our visitors who contacted us recently.

Here is their story:

    "I am a small-framed person (wrists measure 6 1/2 inches), but now since I'm older, I've put weight on my belly. My arms are still small and skinny and I have no shoulders or chest to speak of.

    My problem: how do I lose my fat stomach, and at the same time, try to make my arms and shoulders bigger? It's like I want to lose fat and put on muscle weight at the same time - can it be done???

    Please help!"

Pull Ups Benefits

Firstly, a small or slim frame size will go a long way towards determining any muscular gains someone might make.

For example: a person with slim or small wrists will have a tougher time building 16 inch arms compared to their larger framed cousin (wrists that measure 8 or more inches).

This isn't to say, you can't make great progress - you can - it's just your results will be influenced by your genetic potential.

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Pull Up Exercise - Your Man of Steel Pull Up Workout

To answer our friend, let's break our visitor's question into two parts...

    1. What is the best way to lose fat and put on muscle at the same time?

    The solution can be found in a landmark experiment from the 1970s. Conducted at a research laboratory in Colorado, Nautilus inventor Arthur Jones proposed abbreviated, high intensity training was the most effective way of building muscle mass.

    Using a low volume workout regimen, Jones's test subjects went onto gain muscle, improve athletic performance, and lose fat.

    And the exciting part?

    During these experiments, no fancy diets were involved.

    Instead, the focus went onto core training movements like the squat, barbell deadlift, and pull up - thereby proving you can burn fat weight training.

    2. How do I lose my stomach fat, as I try to make my shoulders and arms bigger?

    Here is where the pull up exercise comes to your aid. With a proven pedigree, this key movement builds your arms, shoulders and back, along with your crucial core muscles.

    But what if you're a beginner and can't manage a full-range pull up?

    Try the following:

    a. isometric pull up technique. Isometric is the holding part of an exercise, so if you can't manage the lifting (concentric) part of the pull up, consider training 'statically'.

    This style of training was made popular by muscleman Charles Atlas.

    To build strength, get into the starting position where your upper chest touches the overhead pull up bar. Holding your position, resist the pull of gravity for as long as you are able.

    Isometric failure occurs when you can no longer hold the weight statically, and the resistance begins to descend despite your best efforts to hold it still.

    b. eccentric pull ups. Eccentric is the lowering part of an exercise. This style of training can be performed immediately following your isometric training, giving your body a more intense workout.

    For example: as soon as you start to feel your body begin to descend, fight the pull of gravity as you slowly lower yourself to your starting position.

    Eccentric failure occurs when you can no longer lower the weight under strict control.

    c. concentric partial pull ups. Concentric is the lifting part of an exercise, and can be trained partially for the beginner.

    Here the trainee would lift themselves as far as possible, before slowly lowering themselves to the starting position.

    Together with isometric and eccentric pull ups, this style of training will soon develop the required strength for full repetition pull ups, thereby building your arms and a Superman upper body.

In Summary

Are you a skinny beginner who wants to build their arms and upper body?

Let the pull up exercise transform you from Clark Kent to Man of Steel!

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