Pull Up Workout

by Markus

I find the pull up exercise really tough. Is there a pull up workout I can follow to help build my strength? I weigh 180 lbs and can perform 5 bodyweight pull ups. Thanks.

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The Pull Up Exercise Made Easy
by: Lee

The pull up exercise is a great upper body movement for building size and strength, but not everybody can do them. With this in mind, there are certain pull up exercise strategies available to you.

    1. Static holds are an effective way to work the pull up exercise if you are unable to manage full reps.

    Here is what you do:

    Using a footstool or steps, climb into the pull up "end position". Holding the bar level with your chin, begin to count.

    At your next workout, try to beat your time by a few seconds.

    2. Negative repetitions use the lowering portion of the pull up exercise to work your upper body.

    As before, climb into the "end position" of the pull up, only instead of beginning to count, slowly lower your body.

    Repeat for the required reps.

    3. Add weight to your pull ups instead of repetitions.

    If you can only manage a handful of reps, adding weight around your middle will provide the progressive resistance your muscles require to grow.

    Many small weight increases soon add up to strength gains, and in no time at all, you will smash your current pull up repetition score.

Lat Pull Down Exercise
by: Pete

Have you tried using the lat pull down? The lat pull down exercise is a machine version of the pull up, and you can add resistance until you are strong enough for the full body weight pull up.

Every gym has at least one of these...and, the lat pull down isn't just useful as a pull up training exercise, it's a perfectly fine back exercise! Of course, pull ups are even finer ;-)

Bent Over Barbell Row
by: Lee

It's true, the lat pull down is a fine exercise in its own right. Not only does this movement allow the beginner to gradually add resistance, but it is an effective version of the pull up if you want to employ high repetitions.

As part of a pull up workout, the lat pull down machine is a great training tool.

Other movements you might want to consider which will help your pull up exercise, are the stiff leg deadlift and the bent over barbell row.

These exercises - worked hard - will not only get you strong all over, but will have a carry-over effect for your pull ups.

Since both of these core movements specifically train the arms, shoulders and back (along with the rest of you), any gains you make in these exercises will show in your pull up training in the form of a strength increase, i.e. more reps/resistance.

Hammer Blow for Bigger Biceps
by: Ziggy

Intensity is the hammer blow that starts the muscle building machinery. Without it, you will never enjoy the growth benefits of an effective pull up workout and can wave bye-bye to your dreams of bigger biceps.

If you are trying to imagine the nature of this intensity, picture thunder god Thor with his trusty hammer Mjollnir. Do you think this Norse warrior plays tippity tap in battle? Nope, he does not. This braveheart brings his hammer down with a ferocious thunder crack sending his foes fleeing for the hills and their mommies!

THIS is the kind of intensity an effective pull up workout demands. A hammer strike of such savagery that it hotwires a message to your body to grow.

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