"Rate of Weight Training Progress - Stanley’s Real-Life Muscle Gains Story"

Learn why your rate of weight training progress is not fixed and pulverise your plateaus using this one simple technique.

Rate of Weight Training Progress

In our last post we talked about “strength standards” and the rate of weight training progress you can expect in your quest to build size. We also mentioned some numbers along with the timeframe the typical trainee is working with. 

For some folks, these numbers will have come as a bitter disappointment. Yet anyone who is familiar with the iron-game knows significant progress takes time.

And yet here’s something we didn’t mention in our last post… these progress numbers aren’t set in stone. 

That’s right. 

Your rate of training progress is not fixed, but can be improved with one super-simple training technique anyone can use.

To show you what we mean, here's the real-life story of Stanley.

Strength Train Like Stanley

Writing in “Train Smart”, author and coach Pete Sisco tells the tale of one of his struggling trainees and how he got him gaining again.

Pete received a phone call from Stanley, in Massachusetts, saying how he had been making progress but had now hit a plateau he simply couldn’t get past. Diligently hitting the gym three days per week, he never missed a workout, but his progress simply would not budge. 

During their chat, it didn’t take Pete long to recognise the classic overtraining symptoms (Stanley felt fatigued and lacked energy).

Realising what was wrong, Pete offered the following advice: take three weeks off all training.

It wasn’t an easy pill for Stanley to swallow, but to his credit, he did as suggested.

Two months later he called back with his shocking results.
Can you guess what happened?

Following the layoff, Stanley’s strength rocketed in all areas of his body. These increases saw him smash his personal bests as his power soared…

Stanley’s training buddies couldn’t believe their eyes! 

So what happened to cause this rapid improvement in progress? The answer is simple: Stanley utilised his powers of recovery. 

By adjusting his training frequency, he pulverised the plateau that had earlier held him back and immediately got gaining again.

And here’s the really cool part…

This super-simple training technique can work for you too!

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