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he Soloflex Home Gym revolutionized the home fitness industry, and has been building beautiful bodies since 1978.

Can the Soloflex Muscle Machine do the same for you?

Soloflex Success Story... if it's good enough for Frank Zane..?

Conceived by its inventor, Jerry Wilson, the Soloflex Muscle Machine was the first home gym to make weightlifting safe to do so at home, alone. This benefit, in addition to some unique features, has led to over one million units being sold since 1978!

So what makes the Soloflex so unique?

In addition to the adjustable rubber resistance, the Soloflex gym ALSO accepts iron plates.

Using iron plates and rubber TOGETHER delivers a smooth range of motion.

Moreover, this unique home gym does ALL the standard barbell and multi-gym exercises one would find in a weightlifting class.

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Soloflex Workouts

Soloflex Workouts share much in common with traditional free weights workouts. Indeed, due to the machine's flexibility, there are few free weight training exercises the Soloflex cannot do.

So this gym is adaptable?

The machine's unique adjustable rubber resistance coupled with iron plates, makes the machine the perfect home gym for either the recreational user or the strength and fitness trainee.

A Personal Story

I purchased my Classic Soloflex almost 6 years ago. During this time, my Classic Soloflex has taken everything I have thrown at it with no issue or complaint.

My workouts on this machine currently include weighted dips and chins and overhead presses along with lunges; moreover, in the past I have employed the deadlift and bench press and squat amongst my arsenal of Classic Soloflex exercises, and on every occasion, workouts have been a joy!

So would I swap my Soloflex for another home gym?

No sir!

Happy to count myself a committed Soloflex-user, I can offer no higher recommendation.

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The Soloflex machine has been endorsed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane (3 time Mr. Olympia), Gale Sayers (NFL running back), and Mitch Gaylord (Olympic gold medalist) - a seal of approval from those who know.

And there is more good news...

The Soloflex machine is made in Oregon from ALL recyclable parts, which makes it a totally green product. How revolutionary is that?

To read more about the Soloflex Success Story, see The Soloflex Story an American Parable

In Summary

The Soloflex Home Gym revolutionized the home fitness industry, and has been building beautiful bodies since 1978.

To discover what the Soloflex Muscle Machine can do for you, visit Soloflex

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