"7 Strength Training Exercise Routines - Super-Simple Strength Training at Home"

Strength training at home?

Try these 7 super-simple strength training exercise routines and be ready to shock your neighbors!

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Weight Lifting Benefits

The following guide aims to show you how easy it is to put together an effective strength training routine - the kind of routine that can be completed at home in minutes, and will deliver fast weight training results.

Consider your weight lifting benefits:

  • Build muscle
  • Strengthen joints
  • Increase bone strength
  • Reduce insulin levels
  • Boost metabolism.

Equipment for Weight Training

The routines below have been composed on the understanding that you have access to a free-loading barbell, lots of plates, sturdy squat stands or a power rack, a strong bench, free standing parallel bars for dips, and an overhead pulley or chin up bar.

Even with an absolute minimum of a barbell, a bench and stands, you can transform yourself. This combination alone will adequately meet your primary needs to push, pull and squat - the basic movements that go to make up the proven muscle building exercises.

What else?

More equipment for weight lifting at home would include a hex bar or trap deadlift bar. This little known bar allows the user to squat without requiring stands or a rack - an excellent addition to your home gym.

Strength Training at Home

The take-home message from this site is that the typical trainee must be wary of imitating the training methods of the gifted minority. Since the average gym-goer has a great deal of trouble attempting to gain on the more popular training routines, he or she must therefore show caution in their strength training routines choices. Here is why an effective strength training routine for the typical trainee must be short, basic and simple.

Are you afraid abbreviated routines won't build your muscles?

Abbreviated routines will do wonders for you if you put in the required effort, don't train too often, and eat well while getting plenty of rest. This magic combination can pack on muscle even for the most extreme hard gainer, and it can do the same for you.

For proof, consider how some powerlifters train with nothing other than the three same basic lifts - pure abbreviated training. These strongmen and women develop loads of strength.

You can do the same too.

7 Strength Training Exercise Routines - Strength Training at Home Guide

    Abbreviated routines to perform at home:


    • Squat or deadlift (alternating them at successive workouts)
    • Bench press
    • Close-grip pulldown or chin up


    • Trap bar deadlift
    • Parallel bar dip
    • Bent-over row

    The following routine was promoted by Peary Rader for those trainees who struggled to gain from more exercises:


    • Bench press
    • 20 rep squat
    • Rader chest pull (dumbbell pullover)
    • Bent-over row

    Or how about these ultra-abbreviated strength training exercise routines?


    • Squat
    • Bent-over row


    • Trap bar deadlift
    • Parallel bar dip


    • Squat
    • Pullup or chin up

    Or this strength training routine championed by the 1930s strongman Mark H. Berry?


    • Squat
    • Overhead press

Now check out this Magnificent Seven...

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