The Only Exercise You Will Ever Need?

by Lee

"It was like nothing we had ever done. We had to relearn everything we knew about fitness," said an incredulous Zar Horton.

The year is 2008 and city firefighters Zar Horton and Tige Watson are instructors at the Albuquerque Fire Department academy in New Mexico. After witnessing how a type of training helped rehabilitate then reshape the body of a colleague who had undergone knee and shoulder surgery, they have opened a gymnasium to train recruits.

So what got these firefighters all lit up?


Hand-Held Gym

Battalion Chief Horton says kettlebells are nicknamed "the hand-held gym" because they can be used for strength training, conditioning and aerobic exercise. These simple cast-iron weights allow people of all ages and abilities to do it, as these "cannonballs with horns" help to develop balance, strength, speed and flexibility.

Standing proudly at the cornerstone of kettlebell training is the two-armed swing. Those who perform the movement correctly say they feel it working the entire body.

Because of this, the swing is often described as the king of exercises and the ONLY exercise you will ever need.

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