Thor Workout

by Pete

Which Thor workout did Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth use to transform his body from geek to thunder god?

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Cookin' up a Storm - The Look of Power
by: Lee

Suppose you could take a shortcut and grow godlike arms, shoulders and pectorals WITHOUT building up the main structures - would you do it?

If your answer is 'yes', not only are you missing out on a crucial component of fitness, but you are neglecting those elements that define an impressive body and mighty 'thunder god' physique.

Indeed, a body which has fully-developed legs, hips and back, has a look of power that makes a mockery of its weakling counterpart. This is why getting strong throughout ALL OF YOUR BODY is a prime consideration when building strength, size and thunder god might.

A typical Thor workout - and type of routine utilized by actor Chris Hemsworth - will deliver this semblance of power by building well-developed legs, a strong and impressive back, with correspondingly conditioned buttocks and neck, IN ADDITION TO big arms, shoulders and pectorals.

But to achieve this, the focus must always be on building strength ALL OVER first.

So how do you transform yourself from geek to thunder god?

  1. Expect to add 20-30 pounds of muscle to an average-size frame, with your gains predominantly coming from compound, multi-joint movements like the deadlift and the squat.

  2. Fuel your furnace with high quality nutrition and get plenty of rest in between your workouts.

  3. Diet down to achieve 8-12% body fat, as these figures will display your musculature to its best advantage.

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