Squat Technique - How to Squat Like a Thunder God

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ow did squat technique build The Mighty Thor his "thighs of thunder"?

The following secrets show how to squat like a thunder god!

How to Squat Like a Thunder God

Regular visitors to this site will already know how highly we value the squat exercise. As part of an abbreviated muscle building routine, the movement is without equal.

Yet despite their undoubted powers, this core training exercise can cause as much harm as good when performed incorrectly. Frustrated by the movement's difficulty, many trainees simply give up when the solution to their problem was rarely the exercise, but poor squat technique.

This article aims to address some of the common squat myths, and proposes some easy-to-follow tips to help you squat like a thunder god!

How to Squat Dangers - How Low Can You Go?

To break parallel, or not to break parallel? THAT is the question. Well, it's an important question, and one that will have some bearing on your squatting technique.

So just how low should you squat?

In his heyday, 6 times Mr Olympia Dorian Yates was quoted to perform his squats "ass to the grass". Whilst such feats of hardcore training are impressive, do you really need to squat to such depths?

Let's address the safety issues first...

Squatting to any depth with a heavy barbell across your shoulders puts colossal stress onto your lower back, and as you squat lower, then your thighs break parallel, this stress is significantly increased. Add into the mix a lack of flexibility, or poor squatting technique, or unfavourable body structure, and the stresses placed onto your lower back can become quite literally back-breaking!

    How did squat technique build The Mighty Thor his "thighs of thunder"?

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Safe Squatting Form

Your aim when squatting is to vigorously work your quads and core muscles, thereby triggering a muscle growth response. Your answer, therefore, is to squat as low as you can safely go and no further.

Squatting until your thighs are parallel to the floor OR LESS will work your body enough to build strength and the muscles to go with it.

Squatting lower, while great for your ego, will be catastrophic for your lower back if you injure yourself.

Perfect Squat Technique - 5 Thunder God Tips

    1. Lift light. The perfect squat begins by selecting a weight you can comfortably lift. Forget the macho posturing that suggests you train the squat movement full-bore 3 times a week; down that road lies fatigue and certain injury for the typical trainee. Instead, be prudent in your weight selection, and add iron slowly, as you practice perfect squat form.

    2. Keep your back flat. This basic principle is key to sound squatting technique. Since round-back squats unnecessarily increase the stress on the lower back, avoid them at all costs. Your unique physical structure will largely dictate your squatting style, so aim for the flattest back position as you build your body.

    3. Ban the bounce. I see this cardinal error in the gyms all the time and it makes me physically cringe. Here is one mistake you should avoid ALWAYS. Instead of using momentum to bounce the weight back up, drive deliberately with your core and legs - this is good squatting form. If you need to "cheat" a weighted barbell up, then you have obviously selected too much iron. Remove enough plates until you are in full control of this beast movement, then begin again.

    4. Spot technique. Most fitness experts recommend this tip for good reason: it works! So how do you practice it? Simply fix your eyes on an imaginary spot at head-height as you squat. By looking at this spot as you lower yourself into the movement and rise, you will automatically keep your back flat. This tip is called "leading with your head" and is a great injury proof aid.

    5. Flat feet. Flat footed squats are the preferred style of squat because they allow the trainee to put a heavier load onto the largest muscles. If you can, try to avoid raising your heels as this puts added stress onto your knees and can cause injury. Inflexibility in the ankles is usually the problem here, so if you must raise your heels, gradually reduce their height until you are squatting with your feet flat on the ground.

In Summary

How did squat technique build The Mighty Thor his "thighs of thunder"?

The above secrets show how to squat like a thunder god!

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