Waist to Height Ratio Risks - Why Your Height to Waist Ratio Must Measure Less Than 50%

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oes your waist to height ratio measure less than 50%?

Discover the height to waist ratio risks and why it could be the secret behind a healthy life.

Height to Waist Ratio

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A long and healthy life is a dream we all share. And until now, the Body Mass Index (BMI) measurement has been used to monitor obesity and predict health risks such as diabetes and heart attack. Yet could all this be about to change?

Recent research suggests so, as studies show how a simple-to-follow rule can increase life expectancy by slashing mortality risks.

What does this mean to you?

This means the BMI method so commonly used today is about to go the same way as the dinosaur - it is becoming extinct.

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Banish BMI Dinosaur

So why is the Body Mass Index method about to vanish like the T-Rex? In short, BMI has been branded inaccurate because it shows that people who are very muscular and carry very little body fat are obese.

Because of this, experts say it is now time to banish BMI and replace it with the waist to height ratio - a significantly better predictor of health risks and monitor of obesity.

This is fantastic news, especially for those who weight train.

Ratio Research

This research comes from a study conducted by Dr Margaret Ashwell and Singrid Gibson from the UK. Findings from their study were presented at the 19th European Congress on Obesity in Lyon, France, and would assess the different ways of using body measurements to target people with high blood pressure, diabetes, high body fat levels and cardiovascular problems.

What did the research show?

Compared to BMI, the WHtR (waist-to-height-ratio) had considerably greater discriminatory power, thereby making it a superior screening tool. The research would also show how the chances of developing health risk factors could be curtailed by following one simple, easy-to-follow rule: "Keep your waist circumference to less than half of your height."

Suddenly the future doesn't look so bright for the BMI dinosaur.

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