Your 5 Weight Lifting Benefits - The Benefits of Year Round Weight Lifting

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ant to know the benefits of year round weight lifting?

Then prepare to discover your top 5 weight lifting benefits!

5 Benefits of Weight Lifting

Weight lifting will do more to improve your health and well being than any other form of exercise. And if you are looking to lose weight or get into shape?

Research reveals resistance training to be the best hands-down form of exercise for rehabilitating an out-of-shape metabolism or an overweight body.

So what are the benefits of weight lifting, and how can you make them a valuable part of your life?

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Your 5 Weight Lifting Benefits

    1. Your Fat Burning Machine.

    There is no other type of exercise that will aid your fat-loss goals more effectively or faster than weight lifting. Why? Science shows an effective strength training program builds muscle faster than aerobics, or jogging, or walking, or cycling, or any other type of exercise you care to mention. How is this important? The more muscle you build, the more calories your body will burn - the benefit to you? Your body will deplete any excess body fat, resulting in a slimmer and leaner you.

    2. Heart Training.

    The benefits of year round weight lifting include increased cardiopulmonary fitness and endurance, or in layman's terms, you get to improve the overall conditioning of your heart. How does this happen? Stronger muscles work more efficiently to draw oxygen from the blood, thus reducing the demand on the heart and lungs. An effective muscle building routine which trains the heart should include a variation of the deadlift or squat exercise

    3. Flex Your Muscles.

    Flexibility is the ability to move a joint through its entire range of motion. And the good news? The physical benefits for lifting weights include the enhancement of flexibility. This enhancement occurs because a trained muscle is not only stronger, but is more supple, better hydrated, and can exert a greater force across the joint - the benefits to you? You get to preserve your mobility.

    4. Stronger Bones.

    Osteoporosis is widely considered as a disease peculiar to older women, yet this disease just as commonly affects men. Some numbers for you: after age 50, osteoporosis will affect not only 1 in 3 women in the US, but also 1 in 12 men. Happily, this disease can be avoided as revealed by dozens of medical studies which have demonstrated weight lifting benefits which include: increased density in the hips; lumbar spine; arms; dramatic gains in muscle strength; improvements in dynamic balance, thereby resulting in fewer falls and broken bones.

    5. Beat Lower Back Pain.

    Lower back problems account for almost 30% of the occupational injuries involved in lost work. So why is it so common for our backs to break down on us? The primary blame essentially lies with a loss of muscle and soft tissue strength in the lumbar region. However, just like osteoporosis, this problem can be avoided. How? Regular strength training of the legs and hips will both prevent and resolve lower back pain, resulting in a better conditioned back. What does this mean to you? You get to wave bye-bye to lower back pain!

In Summary

The benefits of weight lifting aren't only concerned with building bigger muscles. Your 5 weight lifting benefits shows how lifting weights improves your health and well being too.

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