Weight Training Over 50 - Your 4 Steps to Weight Training After 50

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ow can weight training over 50 help you look and feel younger?

Your 4 step guide shows the way.

Weight Training After 50

The single best exercise you can do to improve your health is to lift weights. While aerobics are good, they just won't deliver the extra benefits of strength training.

But what about weight training after 50?

Almost every day it seems a new medical study appears detailing the efficacy of strength training in improving the health of seniors, juniors, and every other age in between.

Consider the benefits:

  • Strengthens joints
  • Increases bone density
  • Gain muscle mass
  • Improves endurance.

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Who would have thought lifting weights could pack such a powerful punch? Yet with each pound of muscle gained on your body, your physique will begin to resculpt itself making you feel and look younger.

Other benefits?

With the arrival of this newly built muscle, comes an increased metabolic rate. This means you get to eat more WITHOUT the negative consequences. No longer will you have to keep a weary eye on the bathroom scales. Instead, you will be able to eat more and STILL continue to lose fat.

Sound too good to be true? Happily, these weight training benefits can soon be yours.

Weight Training Women Over 50

Does the same hold true for weight training women over 50? If you're female, you might be thinking this sounds wonderful, but equally, you might be concerned you'll end up looking like the Incredible Hulk?!

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But there is good news: your female hormones and lack of male hormones will keep you ladylike even if you weight train extensively.

The muscle growth you DO experience will be in the filling-out of muscle tissue in places it has atrophied from underuse - you will lose inches while increasing your muscle tone.

Important tip: if you're trying to lose weight, you may be disappointed if you follow the bathroom scales too closely. Since muscle weighs more than the fat, a far more reliable guide is to chart your progress by the way your clothes fit. A slimmer waistline equals a guaranteed fat loss.

Weight Training Over 50 - Your 4 Step Guide

    1. Lifting light.

    The goals of weight training are simple: to increase muscle strength. Stronger, better conditioned muscles lead to improved physical performance - not just in sporting endeavors, but in everyday life. And best of all, weight lifting keeps you young! Because of this, if you have never lifted weights before, begin lifting light and exercise some caution along with your muscles.

    2. Biggest muscles first.

    Because you will gain muscle mass more quickly this way, your exercises should go - thighs, chest, buttocks and back. When weight training over 50, the trainee should concentrate on working the legs with some variation of the squat exercise as this is a proven muscle builder.

    3. Perfect form.

    Safety is paramount when strength training - particularly when weight training after 50. If you have to twist and arch your back in an attempt to lift a weight, it is TOO HEAVY. Lighten the load. Your body will soon gain the required strength to lift this weight safely. Earn the weight on your bar.

    4. Abbreviated workouts.

    Recovery ability becomes more curtailed as we grow older. Since the body only responds to weight training following an adequate period of recovery, be sure to select a muscle building routine which is simple and short. Some great physiques have been built using no more than a handful of weight training exercises (and in many cases, less). Select proven muscle builders like the squat, the dip exercise, and the chin up, and you will more than adequately target your body's musculature.

In Summary

Weight training is the single best exercise you can do to regain your youth, just as weight training after 50 can help you reclaim your vitality.

And the great news?

You can start enjoying these weight training over 50 benefits today.

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