Why Do I Lose Size?


Every time I try the abbreviated routine I always lose size. Why is that?

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25 reps per exercise
by: Lee

Hi Thomas,

There are many reasons why this might have happened. For example, many lifters find they lose size if they switch from a high-volume bodybuilding style workout to a strength workout (typically, a strength workout is lower in volume when compared to its bodybuilding cousin).

The solution?

Assuming you have lost size because of this switch in training, I would advise you to add more sets/repetitions per trained muscle group.

You see, research shows there is a "repetition sweet spot" many of the tried-and-trusted training protocols share. Strength coach Bill Starr used this number when he popularized the 5x5 training combo, just as others have used it many times since.

When you do the math, you find most of the successful routines seem to share the same "magic" number of repetitions, i.e. 25 reps per exercise. Why is that? I suggest that such a rep scheme strikes an optimal range of both volume and intensity.

Hope I could help, Thomas, and good luck with your training.

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