Women Body Building

by John Pike

Shoulders, waist, buttocks, thighs, calves: these are the points on a woman's body that create her shape.

Creating an "Optical Impression" in her silhouette demands that these aesthetic areas be correctly developed. Yet most women are afraid to use bodybuilding techniques for fear of growing male type muscles.

But the truth is, men grow male muscles and women grow female muscles!

There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who has a well-developed body, ask any real guy. If truth be told, all the very same bodybuilding techniques men use to create wide shoulders, small waists, firm butts, fabulous thighs, balanced and strong calves, etc., should be used for women too! DO NOT fear the humble barbell, as women don't produce the same levels of testosterone as men - this is the ONLY difference between the sexes in as far as lean muscle production.

Instead, women will develop female muscles that are smaller and more feminine.

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How to Get a Firm Butt
by: Muscle by John

If a woman's bust line is the most visited area of her body by the eyes of men when they meet for the first time, then her bottom is the next busiest focal point as she walks away.

So how do you train for a firm butt? I strongly recommend high repetition deadlifts and deep squats.

The reverse leg extensions I see women doing, along with the side extensions, should be AVOIDED as they add mass to the hips and outer thigh.

A butt that drives 'em wild should explode straight back and outwardly right from the small of the back. It should NEVER appear bulgy at the hips but should appear flat at the sides. It is this FLATNESS that adds to the bum as it extends away from the woman's back.

What Men Love to See
by: Anonymous

Do your legs stop traffic? A woman's legs are what sexy is all about, yet when I watch women training in the gym, they are doing these bent over toe-touches and stretching.

I NEVER see women doing serious calf raises!

Why is this important? A strong set of calves completes the perfect leg, and will be appreciated by every red-blooded guy.

Some calf raises tips for you: do your raises deep and slow for 18 repetitions - 6 reps with toes in, 6 reps with toes out, and 6 reps with toes forward. Practice this movement diligently, and you will build yourself the kinds of legs that stops traffic!

Who Are Your Contributors?
by: Janet

Hi Ordinary Joe,

Is there some way I can get in touch with this article writer of yours? I have never read the likes of this type of honesty and sensibility.

I have been exercising for years and lately something is different, these articles are great!

Exercising for Years
by: Lee

Hi Janet,

Congratulations on your training...and thank you so much for your kind words, it is great to hear you are enjoying our content!

It you would like to get in touch with us on our contacts page (see below), we will be happy to forward your message on to your favorite article writer. Also, please remember to tell us the title of the article that you like, so we can forward your details to the right person.

Thanks again Janet, it is great to hear from you!

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