You and Fat Loss: Lets Get Real (For Adults and Teens alike)

by Ian Gordon
(Baltimore County, Maryland)

Alright people lets get real all those diet pills and crap can just go right out the window. What you need to lose weight and get on the right track to the body you want is dieting and working out.

STOP RIGHT THERE! I saw you going to click that link and you know what that surprises me. A lot of people say they want to lose weight but like it or not without proper exercise and diet your going to look like a balloon for possibly the rest of your life.

Step 1: The Myths

Myth #1: Eating Whole Grains

Reality: Uhh not a chance. The fact is humanity evolved over millions of years. Agriculture has been incorporated very recently compared to the entire human evolutionary timeline. This means that most if not all of the population has somewhat of a resistance to grain foods. You hear that people YOU HAVE BEEN LIED TOO.

Myth #2: Ab belts will help you lose weight

Reality: For all you lazy people who don't feel like anything sorry but this is false.In reality the ab belts and all that other stuff don't help you lose weight it actually just tones the muscle UNDERNEATH THE FAT THAT NO ONE CAN EVEN SEE.

Myth #3: Eating smaller portions will help me lose weight

REality: This myth is somewhat true. You do have to eat smaller portions to make sure your body isn't overwhelmed by the sugar putting it into fat storing mode that will make whatever you eat into fat.But you still have to eat 900-1200 calories a day (5 250 calorie meals) to have a good weight loss regime. This way not only will you not trigger fat storing or starvation mode but you will also increase your metabolism meaning... yep you guessed it a double whammy for fat.

Myth #4: Crunches will help eliminate body fat in my stomach

Reality: Crunches are a very inefficient way to lose weight. Want a good one? If you have plenty of time i would suggest a sprinting and jogging mix up. Meaning you go intense with the sprinting for a minute or so and then take some time to recover with jogging. I personally prefer to simply sprint even when i have spare time but that's just me.

Myth #5: The scale knows everything

Reality: The scale measures your weight not how much body fat you have on you that means that an above average adult man could be considered over weight and a fat blob could be considered within regular weight range

So how do you actually lose weight. Well cardiovascular exercises are very good for weight loss. Mix in some crunches and planks as well they may not burn fat but you'll have killer abs to show off after all your hard work. Eating a diet of 900-1200 calories (5 250 calorie meals a day at most) will increase metabolism and help with keeping your metabolism up to speed which also helps to burn fat.

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Fad Diets and Fitness Myths
by: Lee

Thanks, Ian - you make some excellent points about healthy dieting and working out. What you say is so true: there really are no easy or quick fixes, yet this still doesn't stop the typical dieter falling under the spell of the latest diet or fitness craze.

Want an example of the fad diet industry at its worst? An article in the Sunday newspapers here in the UK promises a whopping 14 pounds fat loss in just 14 days. Originally designed for celebrities and models looking to shed weight fast for photo-shoots or castings, the Drop Zone Diet was created to "blast the pounds away while leaving you energized and radiant from the inside out".

Can these types of diets work? In the short-term, yes. Yet what these fad diets don't tell you, are the perils they pose to your health.

These diet dangers recently prompted government Equalities minster Jo Swinson to pen an open letter asking health and gossip magazines to "shed the fad diets and fitness myths" in their January editions. 

Ms Swinson wrote:

"As editors you owe more to your readers than the reckless promotion of unhealthy solutions to losing weight. If your aim is to give practical, sensible advice about losing weight - and not how to drop a stone in five days - you should encourage reasonable expectations, instead of dangerous ones, along with exercise and healthy eating."

And right there is the simple solution to becoming slimmer and healthier - not starving or training ourselves to exhaustion, but sensible exercise and healthy eating. The sooner people ignore such irresponsible diet and fitness myths, the happier (and healthier) they will be.

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