"1 Minute Workouts - How to Build Your Body in Only 60 Seconds"

Too busy to train?

Discover how 1 minute workouts can quickly build your body.

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Sixty Seconds to Fitness

Sixty seconds. It doesn't sound long, does it? But a lot can happen in just one short minute.

For instance, in today's fast-moving world the following typically takes place:

  • 250 babies are born
  • the average person in the world makes $0.013
  • lightning strikes the Earth 360 times.

But what about building your body? Is it REALLY possible to increase strength, fitness and health using a workout that lasts one single minute?

It is, and I'll show you how.

Workouts and Woolly Mammoths

The secret behind a 1 minute workout is ultra-abbreviated high-intensity training.

This style of training is light years ahead of the standard 3 times-per-week workouts commonly used in most fitness centers and gyms today.

How different are they?

If searching the animal kingdom, a standard 3 times-per-week workout would be a woolly mammoth, while an ultra-abbreviated high-intensity workout would be a cheetah. By comparison, the cheetah is lean, agile and can accelerate to 60mph in 3 seconds. And the mammoth? He is oversized, lumbering and extremely extinct!

Watching Your Weight

This difference becomes even more important when you consider a recent study which shows people will use almost any excuse to avoid exercising.

A report by Weight Watchers has labeled this aversion to exercise as "excusercise" - and the frightening part is how more than 60% of us are guilty of this crime.

    • The poll of more than 2,000 adults found our main reasons for not exercising are that it is expensive (23%),
    • We can't find the time (17%), 
    • Exercise is boring (15%) and
    • Not having someone to exercise with (10%).

The study also showed how negative body image was a controlling factor, and that both women and men were worried about how they looked.

In view of such alarming results, a workout which takes only 1 minute to complete would be a very good thing - don't you agree?

1 Minute Workouts

So how can you build your body, get fit and burn fat in just 60 seconds? Using the following tricks and techniques, it is easier than you might think:

    1. You are going to use two exercises which are alternated at each workout.

    2. Each workout consists of just one exercise.

    3. You will perform one continuous set of 60 seconds high-intensity effort interspersed with 30 second rest periods.

    For example: perform 8 or so reps. Rest for 30 seconds. Now perform a further mini-set as before. Rest. And continue in this manner (reps and rest) until you have achieved a total time-under-load of 60 seconds.

    4. The two movements you are going to perform are the dip exercise (Workout A) and the deadlift exercise (Workout B). Why these two movements in particular? The traditional bent-legged deadlift and parallel bar dip effectively combine to target all the major muscle groups in your body.

    5. Other important factors: a) you will work each movement to one rep shy of failure, b) you will rest completely for 2 days between workouts.

So there you have it. An ultra-abbreviated high-intensity workout that takes only one minute.

In Summary

Too busy to train?

Forget your woolly mammoth marathon routines. 1 minute workouts can quickly build your body thereby boosting your health and fitness.

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