Best Supplement for Muscle Growth

by John Pike

The very best supplement for superior muscle growth and strength is intelligent and CONSISTENT resistance training. To create your best overall physique, according to your "basic genetic disposition", healthy eating is a must.

However, to create super mass and retain it, you will need to supplement your diet. Dramatically.

Keep in mind, if your natural body weight is 150 lbs, then to retain 200 lbs of body weight, you will need lots of "mass supporting" dietary diversion. I say diversion, because a natural body will always be driven back towards its natural genetic disposition. In other words, changing up your diet, like for instance, "fasting" from time to time, will knock your physical body's propensity to drive towards its genetic disposition - in effect, you will be tricking your body's thyroid as you fast, and will retain your natural body weight.

This is why fat people get fatter. When their diet fails, the human body LEARNS that it was in a starvation mode. The body, to preserve itself and make sure this does not happen again, readjusts its fat retention barometer to carry more fat next time as a means of survival!

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Whey Protein Allergy
by: Muscle by John

Do you have a whey protein allergy? Is your supplement harming your health? In the modern world, allergies are becoming an ever-increasing problem. So how do we beat them?

Having an allergy to a food product like dairy, for example, can render a person ill; and although our doctors may examine us, they can often miss the well-hidden complications to our health.

I spoke to a leading Homeopathic doctor, and he asked me if I used "Whey Protein". I said No, because it upsets my stomach. The doctor immediately said this to me: "Whey protein upsets everybodies stomachs!".

As an engineer by career, I have learned that applying two, or even three solutions to a problem in an effort to solve it, will never TRULY show us what the remedy was. For instance: if you want to know if whey protein causes you digestive problems, you must stop taking ALL OTHER SUPPLEMENTS for a short period of time. Use your whey protein supplement exclusively, and read everything you can about it.

Give yourself eight weeks and journal your daily thoughts, feelings, emotions, ability to sleep, regularity, general well-being; etc. Only then will you be able to make a judgment on any allergies you may have.

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