"Building Muscle Size Like The Incredible Hulk!"

Banish weedy Bruce Banner.

Building muscle size is simple with your "incredible" 3-step guide.

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Green Goliath

The Incredible Hulk comic was an eagerly anticipated treat at our house when I was a kid.

My mom and dad took out a subscription for the mag, and I vividly recall the excitement at getting the comic pushed through our door followed by the ensuing melee as me and my brothers fought over who would get first read.

Each issue the green goliath would do battle with some over-sized villain or flee the crazed clutches of General Thunderbolt Ross. I also recall marveling at how weedy Bruce Banner would transform into a terrifying tyrant in pink slacks (whatever you do, DON'T make Bruce Banner angry), and how seeing a normally meek science geek become a berserker was ALWAYS the most satisfying part of the story (did any kid ever throw a bigger tantrum?).

Reasons to Go Green

Fast forward to today, and there is exciting news!

Unlike The Hulk, you don't need to get angry when building bigger muscles, just like you don't need a blast of gamma radiation to mold you a monster physique (the stretch pink slacks are optional). Instead, you will achieve your goal by following the proven 3-steps to building muscle size...

The benefits to you?

You can begin building your muscles today!

3 Steps to Building Muscle Size

    1. Breakfast like a brute
    Despite breakfast being the MOST important meal of the day, you will be amazed how many trainees fail to take it. In most cases, breakfast is a snatched slice of toast or a slug of coffee which is fine for the sedentary Joe, but terrible if you're looking to build muscles.

    In the world of muscle building, this type of breakfast isn't enough to fuel your gains. Instead you should follow the saying and "Breakfast Like a King" by making sure you consume enough calories, along with the right kinds of muscle building foods.

    And if breakfast is too much for you? Consider homemade protein shakes to kick-start your day - your health, and your muscles, will thank you for it!

    2. Train like a tyrant

    Unlike The Hulk, you WON'T build bigger muscles with a blast of radiation. Instead you'll want to put yourself on a proven muscle building routine that guarantees results.

    Which exercises do you need? To build big muscles requires you getting strong with the big lifts. If your current muscle building workout doesn't include some kind of squat exercise or deadlift as the core to your routine, CHANGE IT!

    You will NEVER build muscle size while you continue to ignore this titanic twosome, so train like a tyrant by making them the focus of your workout.

    3. Snooze like a superhero

    Yes, even a goliath needs their shut-eye which is why you must make sure you get yours. Why is this so important when building muscle size? A vital, but often overlooked part of the muscle building process is RECOVERY. Try to build muscles without it, and your efforts will leave you frustrated :-(

    How much sleep is enough? Aim for 7 hours minimum to recharge your recuperative powers, with 8-12 hours being the target. Building muscle size requires the right kind of exercise, muscle building diet AND REST.

    Be sure to snooze like a superhero and your 3-steps to building muscle size will mould you monster muscles!

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