Efficient Muscle Building Plan - P.S. I Love You

Looking for an efficient muscle building plan?

Learn why a song from the Beatles could help balance and structure your routines.

P.S. I Love You

"P.S. I Love You" is a song by Liverpool's favorite son, Paul McCartney, and features as the B-Side to the Beatles' smash 1962 debut single "Love Me Do". Written in 1961 during their stint in Hamburg, the song was recorded in just ten breathless takes at EMI's famous Abbey Road Studios.

The inspiration behind the song was a theme McCartney would visit again with "Paperback Writer". Based on a letter, the lyrics use word repetition to help keep the song short and simple - an early Beatles trademark.

So, how does this Beatles tune help you balance and structure your routines?

P.P.S Rule

The secret to creating balance and structure in your muscle building routines, lies in P.P.S. And no, that's not a part of any letter you might read, but is a cool sounding acronym that stands for the Push, Pull, Squat rule.

Here is how P.P.S. works:

Each week include some variation of the squat exercise along with a variation of a pushing movement and one pulling movement. Use this simple rule to train all three exercises per session, or employ a split program where you concentrate on a single exercise per session - the decision is yours. 

Rotate your exercises in this manner and over time you build balance and structure to your routine. 

Short and simple, just like Sir Paul's "P.S. I Love You".

Number 1 Hit

The Push, Pull, Squat rule can also prove an invaluable training tool when you want to avoid any unnecessary complication or difficulty. Why? If a muscle building routine or strength workout is complicated or difficult to follow, it becomes much more likely that you will abandon it. 

Yet look at what happens when you keep things short and simple like our Beatles' song... 

Right away you make things easy to understand and follow... but more importantly, this simplicity makes a program or routine sustainable and a surefire number 1 hit.

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