Foods That Increase Libido - How to Increase Libido Naturally

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hat are the best foods that increase libido?

Your 3-step guide shows how to increase libido naturally.

Best Libido Boosters

Want to know how to boost libido? I have some exciting news for you: the best libido boosters DON'T come in a tablet.

Indeed, there are natural ways to increase male libido, which not only BOOST your sex drive, but build your body too.

The benefits to you? You get to increase libido naturally without expensive pills or injections.

How do we achieve this?

With your food.

Foods That Increase Libido

It just so happens, the same foods that increase libido naturally, will also fuel your muscle building. Moreover, muscle building foods will do MORE to naturally increase libido, than any lotions, pills or potions.

How do these benefits sound?

  • Increased strength
  • Improved physique
  • More energy
  • High sex drive.
Can a muscle building diet REALLY do all this?

Yes. Most definitely.

Coupled with an effective muscle building routine this magic combination will not only put you on the road to greater gains in the gym, but will fire your passion in the bedroom.

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Foods That Increase Libido - How to Increase Libido Naturally

    1. Burger king. Research shows male arousal is dependent on the amino acid arginine - and which foods are rich in arginine? Soya beans and turkey.

    Indeed, without adequate intake of arginine-rich foods in your diet, your sexual desire and performance in the bedroom will suffer (optimum levels of arginine in your bloodstream will not only build your muscles, but will boost your libido).

    These muscle building foods provide a dietary approach to increase low sex drive in men, and unlike a tablet or pill, carry NONE of the unwanted side effects. Moreover, you can easily get your arginine from turkey burgers and soya bean hamburgers, which means you boost libido, as you satisfy your appetite.

    2. Power snack. If you want to combine diet and exercise maximally, there are 3 windows of opportunity for applying foods that boost libido to enhance the sex drive and hormonal changes induced by exercise.

    This first window occurs approximately 30 to 45 minutes before exercise. Here you want to consume a "power snack" to fuel your anaerobic workout, with approximately 9 grams of carbohydrate, 7 grams of protein, and 3 grams of fat. An excellent choice, would be a glass of skim milk or natural low fat yoghurt.

    The second window of opportunity occurs right after exercise finishes. This second power snack sets the stage for maximum growth hormone release (another natural libido booster) that occurs 15 to 30 minutes after ending your strength training workout.

    The third window occurs within 2 hours of ending your routine. Now is an excellent time to consume your protein-rich meal with adequate amounts of libido boosting amino acids.

    3. Diet booster. Even the best diet in the world will struggle to provide your body with the adequate nutrients. This is why you should consider taking a vitamin and multi-mineral supplement.

    This safety measure delivers "cheap insurance" in your efforts to build your body and boost your sex drive. For example, vitamin C is easily destroyed, and is a crucial vitamin in the removal of free radicals. Vitamins B is a proven stress beater, and has been shown to help reduce the likelihood of heart attacks (stress is a major cause of low sex drive in men).

    Don't know your magnesium from your beta carotene? For your easy-to-follow guide, see best muscle building supplements

In Summary

A dietary approach to increase low sex drive in men carries none of the unwanted side effects of a tablet or pill.

What are the best foods that increase libido?

Your 3-step guide shows how to increase libido naturally.

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