"How to Boost Testosterone with Mr Sandman's Muscle Building Sleep Tips"

Dreaming of bigger muscles?

Learn how to boost testosterone with some easy-to-follow Sandman sleep tips.

Mr Sandman

When The Chordettes sang "Mr Sandman", never in their wildest dreams would the barbershop quartet realize the true importance of this slumber-inspiring character.

The year was 1954. The decade that gave us the Hula Hoop and Elvis Presley. Back then, if you yearned for a peaceful night's sleep, you reached for cookies, warm milk and counted sheep.

How things have changed.

Fast forward a generation, and most folks today are chronically sleep-deprived. And when the general advice metered out by so-called experts is 6-8 hours of shut-eye, is it any surprise!

So what makes this sleep figure so perilously low?

Results of a study funded by the National Center of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine, shows how sleeping 6 hours or less corresponds with higher stress levels and fat gain. And in addition to this, poor sleep patterns ALSO ruin any hopes you might have for building muscle.

Dreaming of Bigger Muscles

Snatching 40 winks is the dream ticket for torching fat. Yet its benefits don't end there, as sleep is also the little-known secret behind building your body.

How much sleep is enough if you are dreaming of bigger muscles?

Here's some quick science for you:

Very few trainees realize that testosterone is only generated at night. More specifically, production of this muscle building hormone peaks during the REM (rapid eye movement) phase of your slumber.

And why is this so important?

Well, REM is the part of your sleep when you are dreaming. Because of this, you should do everything in your power to get a peaceful night's sleep.

How to Boost Testosterone

Understanding how to boost testosterone therefore begins with this easy-to-follow sleep tip:

For every second you snooze, the more testosterone your body pumps out for you.

It's so easy. Simply strike your siesta targets, and suddenly your brain orders your body to produce its own performance enhancing drugs.

The result? Mr Sandman boosts the time your body spends muscle building.

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