"Exercise Snacking and Why You Should Lift Weights Before Food"

Learn why you should lift weights before food and the secret sauce behind exercise snacking.

Exercise Before Eating

Health experts are excited. Why? They just discovered short bursts of intense exercise before eating is the key to beating diabetes.

The study, published in the journal of Diabetologia, found this protocol is a great way to keep blood sugar levels under control - even better than one continuous 30-minute workout each day...

In fact, health experts believe it could be a simple and easy way for Britain's (2.9 million) diabetes sufferers to control or improve their condition.

Exercise Snacking

This foolproof regimen has been dubbed "exercise snacking".

Easy to follow, this research adds to the growing body of evidence that shows short, regular periods of intense exercise can help people with Type 2 diabetes control their blood glucose more effectively.

Study researcher Monique Francois of the University of Otago in New Zealand, said: "The notion of doing small amounts of interval exercise before meals is a unique and very important feature of this study. We found exercise snacking to be a novel and effective approach to improve blood sugar control in individuals with insulin resistance."

And what about maximizing your results?

Monique had this to say: "Brief, intense interval exercise bouts immediately before breakfast, lunch and dinner had a greater impact on post-meal glucose concentrations."

Lift Weights Before Food

Now here is where things get exciting. A brief bout of strength training with a heavy barbell can positively effect your blood sugar levels in the same way as high intensity intervals.

But that isn't all. Lifting weights does something else amazing for you. It redirects carbohydrates from your fat stores into your muscles, so not only do you reduce the risk of diabetes (a fantastic health benefit) but you build your body too.

No wonder health experts are happier than a fat kid munching a flame-grilled Whopper!

It is also one more great reason to begin an abbreviated training program.

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