Simple Strength Training - 3 KISS Steps to Boost Your Workouts

It's time to pucker up! Simple strength training is easy when you practice these 3 KISS steps.

Which is why I want to begin with a question that will transport you to the halcyon days of your childhood.

Here goes: Do you remember your first kiss?

For most folks, this was an embarrassing smooch in the school playground or a peck behind the bike sheds. As a novice, you likely practiced on the back of your arm before you felt brave enough to take the nerve-jangling plunge. A smooch on your hand here... A peck on your wrist there... 

If Pepe Le Pew was your childhood hero (he was mine), you might have even followed this French skunk's amorous lead and recited some words of love to your sweetheart: "Do not come wiz me to the ze Casbah - we shall make beautiful musicks togezzer right here!" Smooch, smooch. Peck, peck...

Oh, Lordy. What girl could possibly resist?

Yet as much as I loved this Looney Tunes character, I want to speak with you about the importance of a different type of kiss... or, to be more precise, KISS.

Super Simple Strength Training

KISS is much more than a cool sounding acronym. The "keep it simple, stupid" principle can also prove an invaluable training tool when you want to avoid any unnecessary complication or difficulty.

Because of this, I would like to re-title KISS for today's purposes and call it: "keep it super simple".

Why super simple?

3 reasons immediately spring to mind:

    Reason 1. Sustainability

    Why is sustainability so important? It's super simple, really. If a training program or strength workout is complicated or difficult to follow, it becomes much more likely that you will abandon it. 

    Yet look at what happens when you keep things "super simple"... 

    Right away you make things easy to understand and follow... but more importantly, this simplicity makes a program or routine sustainable. Easy as pie to implement, you just turn up and do your thing in the weights room.

    Reason 2. Recovery

    Long, convoluted marathon routines where you throw everything but the kitchen sink at your muscles is a real killer. And nowhere else do you feel this pain any more acutely than in your recovery. It hurts you. 

    I mean... it really, REALLY hurts you.

    And when this happens, despondency and fatigue become your new best buddies.

    Now compare what takes place when you allow your body the required time to recover properly. In the blink of an eye, your mood immediately lightens and those niggly twinges and aches almost seem to magically disappear.

    Reason 3. Results

    Results are all that matter. Nothing else. This is why the proven training systems have one primary thing in common: they are results driven. 

    So what works? Here is what trainer to the stars, Mike Ryan says:  "The fundamental training principles are based on the core bodybuilding moves such as squats, deadlifts, presses - simple moves." 

    This comes from the guy who trained Wolverine and the new Superman, yet these words might just as easily been spoken by lifting giants Paul Anderson or Joseph Curtis Hise. What matters, is that they are 100% right. 

    The thing is, big compound lifts deliver results just as well today as they did a generation ago. Remember the KISS golden rule: If simple works, keep it simple!

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