Toning up at 46 years old

by Michelle Arat
(Washington, DC, USA)

I have noticed my skin is starting to sag. I see the fat on my legs and want to know if exercising can tone this at my age.

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Building Muscle Over 40
by: Lee

Gaining muscle is important in your attempt to get toned legs, whatever your age.

Fortunately, you don't need to spend hours locked away in the gym, as you can get an effective workout using an abbreviated strength training routine. Research shows just one single work set of 6-10 repetitions can build strength, and that many sets and reps can sometimes be counterproductive, often leading to fatigue and injury.

Instead, focus on core training exercises like the squat and the deadlift for your legs, and press-ups and rows for your upper body. This will give you a time-friendly workout you can complete in minutes.

For your beginner guide, see Free Weight Training Exercises

Good luck toning up at 46, and please keep us posted!


by: Muscle by John

As boring and repetitious as it will be, running IS the best way to remove body fat effectively, naturally couple this activity with a proper diet.

There is a secret to burning fat on a treadmill or out on the street. It will be associated with your "Heart Rate". Just running will raise your heart rate, this is true. but once your heart rate is up there for sustained periods of time (ten or twenty minutes) your body will begin to think that you are running for another purpose. The Body says to itself, "Hey we have been running for a long time, there must be an emergency??" Immediately the brain responds with endorphins and adrenaline.

These are NOT calories or fat, so you are not losing anything because the body thinks you are running away from something!! Remember the article on "Runners High" well that's the juice you are burning.

I recommend that you run with a slight incline and for two minute intervals, heart rate UP, then stop and wait for your heart rate to recover. Do this five or six times and you trick you body and your brain into burning FAT, not calories or anything else!

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