Women Building Muscle - From Busy Mom to Wonder Woman in 3 Easy Steps

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ant to unleash your Wonder Woman?

Your women building muscle guide shows you how.

Weight Training Routines for Women - Wonder Woman Style

Wonder Woman was must-see viewing back in the 1970s. With her scarlet boots, magic lasso, and tiara which became an unbreakable boomerang, there has never been a more glamorous crime-fighter.

But just how does this help the busy mom?

If you're a busy mom looking to get in shape, a fast and easy weight training routine could soon unleash your Wonder Woman.

How does this sound?

  • Get toned
  • More energy
  • Look younger.

And the best part? All this can be yours in 3 easy steps.

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Women Building Muscle - From Busy Mom to Wonder Woman in 3 Easy Steps

    1. Women weight training.

    Step 1 towards unleashing your Wonder Woman begins with your weight training routine. For the busy mom, time is at a premium, which is why an ultra-abbreviated workout is the most effective way to build strength and burn fat.

    Science shows just one single work set of 6-10 repetitions can build muscle tone, and that many sets and reps can sometimes be counterproductive. This means you can go from mom to Wonder Woman with a time-friendly workout you can complete in minutes.

    To discover an abbreviated workout that fits you, see strength training exercise routines

    2. Building muscle after 40.

    Why is building muscle for women after 40 so important for the wannabe Wonder Woman?

    Consider some of these Step 2 benefits:

    • Improved functionality
    • Reduce osteoporosis risk
    • Boost metabolism
    • Better health.

    Indeed, safeguarding your health by lifting weights becomes imperative as we get older. And the good news? Forget your typical marathon workouts, as weight training routines for women can consist of just one or two compound movements.

    Work these exercises progressively, select the best core exercises for your workouts, and you will soon be ready to do battle with the bad guys!

    3. Muscle building diet for a super hero.

    A super hero diet isn't concocted from supplements or protein powders, but can be found right in your refrigerator.

    But isn't eating healthily boring?

    Not at all, as small changes in your shopping habits can often yield remarkable results. For example, instead of choosing a ready-meal for your supper, select some deli chicken from your meat counter, add this to a jacket potato with side salad, and you will have created for yourself a delicious - and nutritious - meal in minutes.

    And if you are a busy mom cooking for a growing family? Prepare your Wonder Woman muscle building recipes in batches, and store any bagged leftovers in your freezer.

In Summary

Want to unleash your Wonder Woman? Your women building muscle guide shows you how.

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