Best Muscle Building Exercises... Your Mighty Five Mass Builders

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The best muscle building exercises can be narrowed down to a Mighty Five tried and trusted mass builders...

Want to build muscle fast?

Let me show you how!

The Squat

Your muscle building arsenal starts and ends with the squat.

NO OTHER EXERCISE works you as HARD or is as challenging, and because of this, the squat exercise earns its title The King of Exercises!

Indeed, so effective is this exercise, you can expect to lose fat, get fit, boost metabolism, and achieve better health!

    For more about this exercise, see SQUAT EXERCISE - The Master Builder

The Dip

The dip exercise follows close on the squat's heels to make our handful of mass builders.


If trained hard, the dip exercise will do for your upper body what the squat exercise will do for your legs.

Want big arms? Want a powerful chest?

Then be sure to embrace this exercise and prepare to GROW!

    For more about this exercise, see DIP EXERCISE - Muscle Building For The Shoulders & Chest

The Chin Up or Pull Up

The pull up or chin exercise takes care of your biceps and back in the same way the dip exercise works your triceps and chest...

Want to build big guns?

FORGET dumbbell curls and INSTEAD focus on pulling full body weight and MORE for a handful of challenging reps!

    For more about this exercise, see CHIN UP - Muscle Building For The Arms And Back

    Muscle Building Tip: As soon as you can, aim to execute your chins and dips with a weighted belt. These exercises, when weighted, separate the men from the boys and the women from the girls! 30 kg+ is an EXCELLENT TARGET to shoot for... achieve THIS and you'll find yourself in an elite band of muscle building trainees!

Overhead Press

The overhead press builds your shoulders, upper chest and triceps. Your options?

Make your overhead press from your chest or behind your neck...

FORGET dumbbell flyes. Instead choose this proven mass builder - a wise decision which will see you gain both power and strength!

The Deadlift

The deadlift makes our Mighty Five of best muscle building exercises for the same reasons as the squat...

Like the squat, the deadlift is a 'beast exercise' and will challenge you to grow.

Want to reduce fat? Want to burn fat fast? THIS exercise will turbo-charge your weight loss!

Your options include a regular deadlift, straight-legged, or my personal favorite, the Hex Bar deadlift.

    For more about this exercise, see 20 REP DEADLIFT

In Summary

The above muscle building exercises are the foundation to ANY productive muscle building routine.

Want to build muscle fast in super-quick time?

These best muscle building exercises are your answer!

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