"Your Best Testosterone Booster - 4 Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone"

Need more sizzle between the sheets?

Your best testosterone booster guide shows how to increase testosterone levels naturally.

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How to Increase Testosterone Naturally

Testosterone is a naturally produced hormone. Most significantly, this important hormone has anabolic effects, which means its production is related to your development of muscle tissue.

In simple terms, your strength, health and fitness, are dependent on this crucial hormone.

Science shows how the average person can expect to lose about 6 pounds of muscle mass with each passing decade of aging. This means, by age 65, you have lost 25 to 30% of your muscle mass and strength. Since loss of muscle mass and strength has the greatest impact on your lack of functionality as you get older, it is crucial you do everything in your power to provide your body with enough testosterone.

Consider these testosterone benefits:

  • Builds muscle
  • Increases strength
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Heightens sex drive

But there is good news.

Your best testosterone booster shows you how to increase testosterone levels naturally.

The benefits to you?

You will put the whoop into your workouts and sizzle between the sheets!

Your Best Testosterone Booster - 4 Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone 

    1. Exercise to increase testosterone.

    Your body is designed to respond to very demanding work with the secretion of testosterone. Since this muscle building hormone impacts on your muscle building and strength gains, it is crucial you select the right exercises.

    So which exercises should you choose to "trigger" the most testosterone production?

    The big and basic exercises...the kinds of "beast" exercises that demand the most from you and are PROVEN mass-builders. If you want to boost testosterone levels naturally, make the squat exercise and deadlift exercise the core of your muscle building routine. It has been suggested by those who know, doing the squat and stiff leg deadlift back-to-back may do just about all that is possible to increase testosterone production. However, just doing these exercise isn't enough. These testosterone boosting exercises must be strenuous and worked hard.

    2. Foods to increase testosterone.

    A muscle building diet which features power-packed proteins and complex carbohydrates will do much to increase testosterone.


    Not only will a nutrient-rich diet protect your health and well-being, but it will encourage your body to shed any excess fat and get lean.

    Science consistently shows a preponderance of body fat encourages a decrease in once healthy testosterone levels, leading to a decline in muscle mass and strength. This is why one of your best testosterone boosters can be found not only in the gym, but on your plate. To discover your optimal body fat levels, see how to lose belly fat

    3. Increase testosterone to delay male menopause.

    Are you suffering from the following symptoms: fatigue, weakness, depression, and a loss of sexual drive? Chances are you are experiencing a decline in the production of the male hormone - or what some doctors refer to as andropause or the male menopause.

    So how can you boost androgen (testosterone) to healthy levels?

    Strength training can help you, as resistance training naturally increases levels of testosterone which delays the onset of the male menopause.

    4. Reduce stress to boost testosterone.

    Stress is one of the most serious threats to testosterone production; and chronic stress - a fact of life in the 21st century - is an unavoidable danger.

    These stress dangers were demonstrated in an experiment with young soldiers undergoing Army Officer Candidate Training. At the peak of their training, the soldiers testosterone levels dropped by 30%. However, within weeks after the course ended (thus removing the psychological and physical stress), their testosterone returned to their earlier pre-training levels.

    Important tip: since stress can ALSO be created by intensive exercise, especially strenuous weight training, it stands to reason the typical trainee should train EFFECTIVELY thereby preserving their recuperative powers. This means your workouts should be intense and brief.

    The benefits to you?

    Better cardiovascular health, improved strength gains, and increased sexual desire.

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