Building Muscle While Losing Fat... Your 3 Steps to Success

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Want to lose fat as you build mass?

Your 3 Steps to building muscle while losing fat will trim your tummy as you grow!

Building Muscle Tips and How to Nail Jello to a Tree

So can it be done? Can you REALLY build muscle and lose fat at the same time?

Many muscle building gurus will say no, it's impossible... before adding: your typical trainee would be better nailing jello to a tree!

However, there is a world of difference between impossible and difficult; and while building muscle while losing fat isn't easy, it IS achievable when following sound, proven principles.

Did you bring your hammer? ;-)

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Your 3 Steps to Building Muscle While Losing Fat

    1. Junk the junk. Building muscle and losing fat at the same time is doomed to failure if your diet is poor. Unless you are a genetic marvel, you must "junk the junk" to achieve your goal.

    What do I mean by "junk"? Typically, any food item that carries empty calories. For example: any snack food; candy bar; cake or pastry; etc.

    Since these foodstuffs are laden with sugar and salt and hydrogenated fats (three of the bad guys), they will just as surely harm your health as they will harm your gains. Scientific research shows the human body utilizes its fat stores to "neutralize" these toxins. This is why "junking the junk" is VITAL when trying to build muscle and lose fat.

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    2. Balance your diet. A balanced diet is KEY when muscle building, but more so when attempting to build muscle and lose fat (while a "clean" diet with no junk foods will put you on the road to fat loss, a BALANCED DIET will put you on the road to muscle gain).

    What do I mean by "balanced"? Basically, a diet which fuels the muscle building process while promoting healthy eating habits.

    DO NOT ignore the healthful properties of fruits and vegetables and whole-foods when considering your diet. While muscle building foods are a crucial element, a healthy body will respond more favorably to the stresses of exercise; fat loss; and the rigors of daily life when fueled correctly.

    3. Exercise caution. Your selection of muscle building exercises is paramount when attempting to build muscle and lose fat. In the same way our trainee nailing jello to a tree must exercise caution, so must you!

    Building muscle while attempting to lose fat ALSO demands balance in your training which makes your exercise and workout choices critical, so be sure to select a muscle building routine where the squat exercise or deadlift predominates.

    The benefits to you? You'll soon be building muscle while losing fat!

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