Tao of Exercise and Lifting Weights - How to Weight Train Like a Ninja

Tao of exercise and lifting weights reveals how to weight train like a Ninja.  

Tao of Training 

Way back in the decade that gave us bell-bottoms, platform shoes and white disco suits, something very cool was causing a stir. Its name? Kung Fu. 

Busy taking the world by storm, there was simply no hiding from this martial arts maelstrom. 

To better understand what this Kung Fu universe looked like, fasten your seat belt as we hitch a ride to the 1970s.

Kung Fu Fighting 

Flying high in the music charts at the time was the disco ditty Kung Fu Fighting. Riding the martial arts craze like a surfboarding Ninja, the song would swiftly chop its way to the top of the UK and US charts. 

Anyone who heard the Carl Douglas song would find the catchy lyrics indelibly tattooed on their brain: "Everybody was kung fu fighting. Those cats were fast as lightning."

Winning a Grammy, the song would go onto sell over 11 million records worldwide.

Lifting Weights Like a Ninja

So, what does Kung Fu have to do with abbreviated training? 

Well, the philosophy behind Kung Fu and abbreviated training are the same. 

This philosophy is the Chinese concept of 'Tao', and roughly translates to a 'method' or 'principle' that promotes the power of simple effectiveness over unnecessary complexity.

Tao training therefore suggests that it is pointless to do with more, what can be done with less.

The result? 

More muscle with less work.

Bodybuilding Bedrock

The Tao philosophy provides the bodybuilding bedrock to all of the routines you can read about in WOLVERINE WORKOUT SECRETS.

Using this power-packed principle, each workout is precision-engineered for simplicity and maximum effectiveness. 

To learn more, Click Here

But before you do, check out the cool video of Carl Kung Fu fighting...

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