"How to Boost Metabolism Naturally - 4 Fantastic Ways to Clobber Slow Metabolism"

Want to know how to boost metabolism naturallyDiscover 4 Fantastic ways to clobber a slow metabolism.

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It's Clobberin' Time

If you were like most kids growing up, then chances are you spent a good deal of your childhood reading comic-books from the comfort of your armchair.

One of my favorite reads was The Fantastic Four. With startling superpowers, our heroes did gallant battle with all kinds of villains from the imperious Galactus to the deranged Doctor Doom. 

I often wished I could fly like the Human Torch or had the elasticity of Mr Fantastic... then again, what youngster wouldn't want the Thing's super-strength or to disappear like The Invisible Girl?!

Yet fast forward to today, and many fans of those earlier comics still find themselves wishing... only instead of superpowers, they wish to lose the fat that appeared around their middles in adulthood or to start feeling good about their bodies again.

healthy metabolism is step one to making that happen. 

And the best part? 

Just like when you were a kid, you can discover how to boost metabolism naturally from the comfort of your armchair.

4 Fantastic Ways to Boost Metabolism Naturally


    If you want to know how to boost metabolism naturally, why not begin with your refrigerator? 

    While no specific foods will make you burn calories faster, some food combinations WILL slow your metabolism.

    For example, regardless of the foods you might eat, an efficient digestion is key when burning calories. This is why you should pay close attention to your diet, and those foods that might disagree with you.

    Mr Fantastic fat boost metabolism tip: try a food combining diet to improve digestion. Food combining will help your body assimilate foods more effectively, thereby improving your metabolism. Many athletes incorporate this style of eating into their diets by following the "don't mix foods that fight" rule. So if you want to feel fantastic, why not give this style of eating a try?


    The weight training room at the gymnasium will do more than just build muscle, it will also provide your body with a metabolism boost.

    Feel you don't have the time? You can get a great home workout in minutes using an abbreviated strength training routine. Research shows just one single work set of 6-10 repetitions can adequately build strength, and that many sets and reps can sometimes be counterproductive, often leading to fatigue and injury.

    The Thing metabolism boost tip: introducing some free weight training exercises into your routine will help you clobber the fat. Select core training exercises like the barbell squat and deadlift, as these are excellent compound movements, and will significantly boost your metabolism.


    Just like the Human Torch requires oxygen to light his fire, so does your fat burning furnace! This is why your exercise is best taken in the fresh air.

    It's a proven fact that oxygen fuels the fat burning process. By exercising out of doors - or getting plenty of fresh air - you put your metabolism onto the fat burning fast track. 

    The Human Torch boost metabolism tip: legendary strongman Eugene Sandow made fresh air a key element in his strength training programs. And what about squat sensation Paul Anderson? Yes, he routinely did his weight lifting outdoors!


    In the same way the Invisible Girl could disappear, water performs a similar feat. How? By boosting your metabolism and helping you burn fat.

    Research shows water is a great cleansing agent; improves elimination; keeps your skin clear, and is a natural remedy to fatigue and headaches. But did you also know water flushes the fat from your cells thereby helping you to lose weight? Only 8 regular-sized glasses of water will speed up metabolism, keeping your body functioning at optimum levels.

    The Invisible Girl speed up metabolism tip: lemon water is a great way to kick-start your body at breakfast time and detoxify your liver. The result? You give your health a welcome boost as you make any unwanted fat disappear.

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