Loss of Libido in Men Over 50 - Bed Hopping in Hollywood

The loss of libido in men over 50 is more common than you might think.

Learn how to banish the bedtime blues.

Bed Hopping in Hollywood

Was there a more lascivious lothario than Richard Burton in his Hollywood heyday? During his prime, few women who came into contact with the Welsh wonder could resist him.

With conquests ranging from naive schoolgirls to some of the most desirable stars on the planet, his passions simply knew no bounds. 

Burton's success rate with the ladies was startling. In his youth, the figure stood at a stellar 95%! Indeed, such was his magnetism, he used this mesmeric magic to play havoc with the hearts of the fairer sex for thirty-two bed hopping years!

Untamed Libido

In possession of an untamed libido, Burton was happy to have sex wherever the opportunity arose. The star routinely did his seducing on dressing room couches, in empty rooms in pubs, in unoccupied bedrooms - even a garden bench would do! All that mattered, was that he satisfied the sexual urge that smoldered inside him.

It has been estimated, Burton slept with at least one new woman every day between the years of 1947 and 1975 - and sometimes, the number was even greater. 

Speaking of his rampaging desire, Burton said: "I have no explanation of my insatiable sexual appetite. I assume it is the same for all men. Some are able to control it. I didn't want to control mine. I wanted to pursue it and satisfy it."

Yet by his 50th birthday, the party was over. A lifetime of alcohol abuse and heavy smoking, found the actor feeling like an old man. 

Burnt out from debauchery, Burton would spend his remaining years tormented by bedtime blues.

Libido Loss in Men

What does our Hollywood story have to do with a sagging sex drive? 

Well, it has been estimated libido loss in men affects approximately 1 in 5. And as frightening as that figure might sound, it doesn't mean we can't enjoy an active sex life well into our later years.

So while few of us will find ourselves living the life of a film star, an exciting future awaits us all when we naturally increase libido with some easy to follow steps.

Where do you begin? 

Maintaining healthy testosterone levels is step one. And what is the best way to naturally increase testosterone?

That's easy. Super-simple training and abbreviated workouts.

Loss of Libido in Men to Exercises for Better Sex

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