"3 Sex and Exercise Tips - Why Weight Lifting is Best Exercise to Improve Sex"

sex and exercise is your magic bullet for an increased libido. And the best exercise to improve sex?

You'll discover the answer under your barbell!

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Better Sex for a Lifetime

Maintaining virility becomes increasingly difficult as we age. It is an unarguable fact, that with the passing years, our bodies enter a slow and steady decline. 

But don't despair. Age doesn't have to become a barrier to a strong body and healthy sex drive. Some easy-to-follow tips can quickly increase your libido and functionality putting some fire in your furnace and sizzle between your sheets.

The secret? 

Your right type of weight lifting exercises.

This "magic bullet" means you not only improve your strength and fitness in the gym, but increase your libido out of it.

3 Sex and Exercise Tips

    1. Boost testosterone levels for bedtime. 

    The guys in the white lab coats show libido is governed by healthy testosterone levels. And what is the best way to naturally increase testosterone production? With intense, anaerobic exercise like weight training.

    Check out these testosterone benefits:

    • Increase sexual desire
    • Boost growth of muscle mass
    • Reduce body fat.

    2. Low testosterone levels risks. 

    Aside from its withering effects on sexual desire, low testosterone levels also has a negative impact on your health.

    Studies have indicated that lower levels of testosterone in males correspond with an increased risk of heart disease... part of the reason, is that testosterone is required in the production of red blood cells needed to transfer oxygen. 

    Other significant risks also show low testosterone levels are associated with the accumulation of stored body fat and increased osteoporosis in men. Learning how to increase testosterone levels will not only increase your sexual desire, but will safeguard your well-being too.

    3. Exercise to improve sex. 

    So should you exercise to improve sex? Yes. 100%. This is why your selection of weight training exercises becomes critical in your quest to improve your sex life.

    So what is the best exercise to improve sex?

    The best exercise to improve sex must boost testosterone, in the same way it encourages the development of muscle mass gains. Moreover, this best testosterone booster should be the mainstay of any effective strength training program, and provide the cornerstone to your weight training.

    Wanna see these weight training exercises in action? Then go to exercises for better sex

In Summary

Science shows how sex and exercise is your magic bullet for an increased libido. And the best exercise to improve sex? You'll discover the answer under your barbell!

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