Why Simple Weight Training Workouts Deliver a Knockout Blow

East vs West? Discover why simple weight training workouts deliver a knockout blow.

Behind the Iron Curtain

Remember when Sylvester Stallone's Rocky went toe-to-toe with Dolph Lungren's Russian iron man Drago? Well, this contest is nothing compared to the bruising battle you encounter everyday. To explain, I need to tell you a story.

For those who don't know, Perry Marshall is an American entrepreneur and known as "The Wizard of Adwords". But before success came calling, Perry worked as an engineer. 

In one of Perry's newsletters he tells the tale about a Russian guy named Boris. Perry was in his first engineering job at the time and was put in the cubicle next to this Soviet immigrant. Anyway, they got to talking, and Boris explains the hardships of home, saying what it was like to stand in bread lines and have virtually zero choices.

Then Boris went onto say how it felt to come to America and walk into a supermarket and suddenly be assaulted with choices from every conceivable angle.

The effect on Boris was overpowering. Bewildering. Indeed, such was its force, that many of his Russian compatriots literally got on the next plane home to where the number of choices were once again more manageable.

Knockout Blow

Perry tells how this conversation happened 15 years ago, then asks the question: how many more choices do we have now than then?

This got me to thinking about the situation many trainees find themselves in today with their workouts. Just like Boris walking into a supermarket for the first time, they become literally battered and bruised from the dazzling and dizzying array of choices.

So, how do you make like Rocky and land your own knockout blow?

Perry talks about a success skill everybody needs in the 21st century - a skill that nobody ever seems to mention. Its name? Discernment.

You see, being able to judge and evaluate and use discernment, means you can select the stuff you really need while ignoring the clutter that you don't. 

If it were a superpower, it would be Superman's laser-beam focus. Such focus would allow you to discriminate against the bogus baloney that does not work and instead select those effective exercises and principles that do.

Simple Weight Training Workouts

I talk about discernment in Ninja Strength Secrets and show you the techniques and strategies you can use to fine-tune your focus. I also explain the importance of simplicity, revealing how Tao training can help make your workouts more effective. 

Selecting simple weight training workouts is a great place to start. Doing less each session is something you want to practice too.

That way you take back control of your training, keep focussed and avoid becoming a battered and bruised Boris.

Now let The Beatles take you back to the U.S.S.R...

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