Super Slow Workout... Your 3 Steps to Super Slow Training Success

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Looking to build muscle fast?

Add a Super Slow workout to your armory and begin muscle building today!

Super Slow Training... what is it?

Super Slow is a resistance training regimen pioneered by Ken Hutchins. Its objective? To promote strength and fitness by slowing the speed of movement when exercising.

So does a super slow workout deliver on its promise?

Consider the benefits:

  • Reduce risk of injury
  • Controlled exercises work muscles harder
  • Exercise once a week to achieve results.

On first inspection, super slow training sounds simple enough: employ a controlled cadence of 10 seconds up and 5 seconds down for each repetition; 1 single set of 6-8 repetitions for each exercise. However, nothing can prepare you for this training style until you try it - both challenging and frustrating, a super slow workout will test you to your limits!

Indeed, performing your exercises in a super slow fashion is brutal and humbling...

Lifting pee-wee weights will flatten your ego like a pancake!

However, if you can ignore the embarrassment of the lighter loads, super slow workouts will not only provide a welcome departure from your current style of training, but can push you onto greater muscular gains.

Are you ready for a super slow challenge?

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Your 3 Steps to Super Slow Workout Success

    1. Slow but steady wins the race. Super slow training shows there is more than a grain of truth to this famous fable.

    How slow must you go? Your repetition speed should consist of 10 seconds for the concentric phase of each exercise and 5 seconds for the eccentric. Using the biceps curl for our super slow example: your lift to the shoulder (concentric phase) should take 10 seconds to complete, followed by a smooth transition before lowering the weight (eccentric phase) to its starting position - this will take a further 5 seconds.

    Such a controlled rep speed increases muscle fiber recruitment while minimizing momentum - the benefits to you? You get a high intensity strength training workout with a reduced risk of injury.

    2. Select proven mass builders. As always, your choice of muscle building exercises will significantly impact your gains.

    Because of this, your workout should utilize some form of squat exercise or deadlift due to their testosterone-triggering abilities.

    An excellent beginners workout would consist of the press up; lat pull down; and body weight squat. For the intermediate or more seasoned trainee, consider using the dip exercise; the chin up; and the dumbbell squat.

    3. Do not neglect your diet and rest. Super slow training, like any other training regimen, will only deliver results when you have adequately recovered from the stresses of your workout. DO NOT attempt to shortcut this part of the equation by exercising more, or eating poorly.

    You must be sufficiently rested between workouts to make gains. This means 3-5 days rest between workouts, fueled by a muscle building diet.

    For more super slow tips, see: Slow Burn: Burn Fat Faster by Exercising Slower

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