Weight Training for Power - Iggy Pop's Raw Power Rule

Don't be a dummy like Little Iggy. Weight training for power is simple, when you follow Iggy Pop's raw power rule.

Raw Power

In John Fancher's newsletter, the Rock & Roll marketer talks about Iggy Pop. 

These days the godfather of punk does the "Get a Life" Swiftcover ad with his alter-ego, Little Iggy. But back in the 70s, his band, The Stooges, pounded simple, sledgehammer riffs over Iggy's even simpler lyrics about teenage angst and alienation. 

Short and Simple

It's definitely not for any wallflowers, but their album "Raw Power" is generally considered one of the landmark albums of hard rock.

Anyway, in one of his interviews, Iggy says he remembers when he was a kid in Detroit watching Soupy Sales on television.  Soupy would say, "Send in your letters, kids, but remember to keep them under 25 words!"

When he grew up, Iggy thought, "What a great rule for song-writing." So Iggy would count his words and use repetition to keep his songs short and simple.

But, what does this have to do with weight training?

Well, when working out, a lot of folks simply try to do too much. Rather than focus on the key, core bodybuilding moves, they attempt to do everything at once. The result? They burn out, get injured, lose interest and stop training.

What they should be doing is this: in the same way Iggy kept his songs short and simple, they should be practicing the same thing with their workouts.

Tao of Training

I talked about the 'Tao' philosophy of keeping things simple a few weeks ago in my newsletter. This concept roughly translates to a 'method' or 'principle' that promotes the power of simple effectiveness over unnecessary complexity.

Tao training therefore suggests that it is pointless to do with more, what can be done with less.

The result? More muscle with less work.

So, it seems keeping things simple isn't only a great rule for song-writing. Just ask Iggy. It's a great rule for weight training too.

For more simple Tao training tips, see Bruce Lee Body

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