"How to Build Chest Muscles Fast - Your Key to Muscular Pecs Strongman-Style"

Believe the bench press is the most efficient way to build chest muscles?

NOT SO FAST! The strongmen of yesteryear can show you a better way.

How to Build Muscular Pecs Strongman-Style

When talking about building muscular pecs, the conversation normally starts and ends with the bench press.

And who would argue, when the traditional bench press exercise has built some remarkable physiques including Doug Hepburn who benched a colossal 580 pounds in 1954 - a titanic effort which REALLY showed how to bench press strongman-style.

But what if there is a more efficient alternative? What if there was a better exercise to build chest muscles that was more effective?

There is such an exercise. Its name?

The parallel bar dip.

Bench Press vs The Parallel Bar Dip

Some iron history...

Prior to the introduction of bench pressing benches in gymnasiums in the 1950's, the parallel bar dip was a very popular exercise. Thereafter, the bench press became a particular favorite amongst strength training gym-goers and the parallel bar dip sadly went into decline.

However, while the bench press is an excellent chest builder, its popularity today is excessive in relation to the exercise's merits. Why? Potentially, the parallel bar dip is a superior exercise which targets more muscle than the traditional bench press - the benefits to you?

You get to build your chest fast.

Build Chest Muscles with the Dip

So should you quit your bench press in favor of the parallel bar dip?

Not at all. The bench press is responsible for building some amazing physiques including some of the strongest men to ever walk the planet like Paul Anderson, Doug Hepburn, and Marvin Eder. Moreover, the dip exercise - correctly executed - is sometimes BEYOND the strength training capabilities of the beginner trainee, making the exercise difficult to perform.

What I propose instead is the promotion of this fantastic exercise to its rightful place alongside the proven mass-builders like the squat exercise, the bench press and the deadlift... and that the parallel bar dip be recognized for its SUPERIOR chest building properties.

    It has been said by those who know, that the dip exercise will do as much for the upper body as the squat exercise will do for your whole body.

In Summary

Want to build your chest?

The parallel bar dip is one of the best ways to build your chest muscles. Follow the example of the strongmen of yesteryear, and you will soon build muscular pecs.

Click here for the world beating 434 pounds lifted by Marvin Eder in the Dip Exercise

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